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Startling by Each Step) is a 2011 Chinese television series based on the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua.It premiered in China on Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) on 10 September 2011. Ruoxi, of course, cannot reveal that Yinzhen is to be the next emperor, which is why she so careful around him. 6. Knowing that Yinzhen would not allow her to leave, Yinsi discloses details of his past romance with Ruoxi. The inability to control one's destiny drove her to melancholy. Based on the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua. He reports that the recent behavior of Yinreng may have been the work of the eldest prince, Yinzhi (Prince Zhi), and a search of his estate reveals drugs. Ruolan, unable to forgive Yinsi, spends her days with a small Buddha. Yin'e informs his brothers that he wants to divorce his wife Mingyu after she beats him. All the other princes went into a bitter fight, strongly believing that it is not their late father's will. Per quotes from Wikipedia: “Despite its ensemble cast, … In despair, Yong Zheng takes more drastic measures in dealing with the 8th and 9th Prince. Language: Korean. Scarlet Heart (Chinese: 步步惊心, lit. Park Soon-deok (Z.Hera) handed Wang Eun (Baekhyun) a sling gun and told him she'd gotten it before she fled from the house. Ruo … Yong Zheng Emperor grieves the loss of his beloved Ruo Xi and so did all other princes. Yinti believes that only Ruoxi can break him from this depression. Since the Mid-Autumn Festival and the announcement of Yin'e's engagement, Ruoxi has been moody. When Scarlett showed up on Nashville this week, she was without her usual long locks of blonde hair — and the actress who plays Scarlett, Clare Bowen, revealed the reason she cut … Scarlet Heart 2 is not a sequel to the tragedy-tinged Scarlet Heart but a repetitive, robotic remake of the hit drama Scarlet Heart 2 features … Yinti tries to cover his tracks by pretending that he was ill in the capital while following Yinsi out of the capital to warn him. The crown prince, Yinreng, in a drunken stupor, trespasses into the Mongolian bivouac and is later scolded by the emperor. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Lists of Chinese drama television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from August 2012, All articles needing additional references, Pages using infobox television with nonstandard dates, Television articles with incorrect naming style, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Furious, Yinreng rushes to the emperor and erupts in a rage, further worsening the emperor's mood and endangering his succession to the throne. With their misunderstandings cleared, Yinxiang takes Ruoxi to the home of his best friend, Luwu, and the three talks and enjoy each other's company late into the night. “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” (2016) is a Korean adaptation of a Chinese novel. Extended sizes from XS-5XL. News of Yinreng losing his title rocks the capital and causes the ministers, fearing to side with the wrong prince, to speculate on who may be the new heir. On seeing him, she tries to leave but is caught by the prince who passionately kisses her. Range of styles in up to 16 colors. Kangxi Emperor strips the Crown prince title for good after which Yinzhen slowly withdraws himself from attending the court. She wakes to finds herself in the imperial residence of the eighth prince. Planet Earth II knew what it was doing when it saved “Cities” for last. Thanks to the efforts of the princes, Ruoxi has not yet been selected as an attendant. Ruoxi gives Yinsi a strange warning, leaving him baffled. Yinti touched by Ruoxi action, decide to come clean about the matter to Yinxiang, Yinzhen's ally. In a moment of awkwardness, she nearly falls but Yinsi catches her hand to steady her, but does not let go. In the court, Kangxi Emperor accused Yinzhen for planning to overthrow Crown prince, a plot mastered in secret by Yinsi. Her biting words and her furious demeanor earn her the nickname of "Defiant Thirteenth Sister". Ruoxi stays at the 14th Prince's residence. Knowing she's running out of time, Ruoxi tries to see Yinzhen one last time before she leaves this world. Synopsis. Yinsi finds out that it was Minghui's interference that caused Ruoxi to be unable to serve any of the concubines. The princes gather for drinks in one of the great halls. Zhang Xiao then visits the museum exhibit on Kangxi, and discovers a portrait of a woman in an ancient painting that resembled Ruoxi. But when he offered his hand in marriage to Ruoxi, she politely turns him down. One day, Zhang Xiao's life changes dramatically when she is involved in a car accident and her soul is transported into the past. Prince Yin Xiang is entrusted with Ruo Xi's last wishes. Synopsis After a terrible car accident, 25-year-old Zhang Xiao (Liu Shi Shi) travels from modern-day China back to the 18th century. Thousands of The South women's t-shirts designed and sold by independent artists around the world. Upon receiving the news, the emperor decides to decamp and return to the capital in three days. Several of the concubines state their desire to have Ruoxi serve them but the empress, not wanting to offend anyone, sends her to be a tea serving girl to the emperor himself. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Scarlet Heart / Bu Bu Jing Xin (Season 1)(PAL)(Chinese Drama with English Sub) at Scarlet Heart After an accident in 2011, Zhang Xiao is transported to the Qing dynasty and into another body, where she tries to find a way to return to the present EPISODE 2 Synopsis. Yin'e's wedding day arrives and both Ruoxi and Ruolan attend, but Ruoxi is taken aside by Yinxiang. During the Chinese New Year, Ruoxi returns all the gifts and letters to Yinsi and Yinzhen. The Emperor fondness for Yinti grew. Yinzhen gave the evidence to 8th prince Yinsi so that he can warn Yintang about it. Yinsi tells her of Ruolan's past, which leaves confused Ruoxi wondering whether he has feelings for her or takes her for her sister's replacement. Report abuse. Thanks to Ruoxi effort, Yin'e and Mingyu reconcile. Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts. The infighting amongst the brothers becomes increasingly apparent. To help Yinsi see Ruolan as she was in the past, Ruoxi gives a jade bracelet to her sister but Ruolan mistaken believes that the gift is from Yinxiang. However, that night the emperor orders that a party be held and while performing, Minmin sees Yinxiang, who had introduced himself as "Little Star" at the arena. As a rookie, she is cautious but with her modern era smarts she gradually gains the confidence of the emperor and soon appointed as the lead tea server. It is the sequel to Scarlet Heart, and continues the story after the time traveling protagonist, Zhang Xiao, returns to her own time following the death of Ma'ertai Ruoxi. Ruling with an iron-fist, Yinzhen puts fear into his brothers and his enemies including his own mother, all for the sake to protect his newfound power. He had promised to go but had been intercepted on the way by Minmin to go sheep herding. LEE HI) Epik High, LeeHi • Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt 6. Yinzhen and Yinti's mother is suspicious and berates him for plotting against his own brother. Ruoxi who protested his unreasonable act, decide to isolate herself, making Yinzhen miss her dearly. She and Yinsi do not meet each other for days until they return to the capital. She decides to write him a warning letter, but before she can deliver it to him, she encounters Yinzhen and during their conversation, Yinsi departs the court. All with You TAEYEON • Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt 5. … This page was last edited on 14 November 2020, at 23:50. Based on the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua. Upon Ruoxi's return to the capital, Yinti delivers a love letter written by Yinsi, which delights and startles her. To her surprise, he speaks to her in Mongolian and an attraction begins to grow between them. After much grief, he agrees. After a time, the turmoil of the Yinreng's loss of rank passes and his rank is restored, the other princes are also promoted and Yinsi is rehabilitated. She goes to Yutan's home to get news and discovers that there are people in the palace hoping to raise Yinsi to be heir. Yinsi, saddened by the loss of his rank, seeks Ruolan to lessen his burden but she still treats him coldly. Her anger leaves him deeply unhappy. Upon hearing Ruolan's dying wish, Ruoxi begs Yinsi to divorce her sister so that she can reunite with her true love in her afterlife. He locks eyes with Zhang Xiao for a moment before he turns away. ‘Nashville’ Recap: Tears Flow, Scarlett’s Baby Drama Grows ... bless his heart, is just confused in general. Upon seeing her younger sister, Ruolan asks if she has someone, she cares for and advises that she prepare for her own future. However, Yinsi goes against the consensus and decides to inform him. During the argument, he is told that it is only a matter of time before the emperor strips him of his title. Yinxiang and Yinti discuss the concept of "equality and freedom", which Yinxiang heard from Ruoxi when she spoke of "the thoughts of modern people". In fact, it is a ploy by the heir to reduce the power of Yinsi's faction and to make the prince a scapegoat in the event of anything going awry while the emperor is away. Yinzhen brings Ruoxi out for a walk in the garden. With her foreknowledge of history, she wants to write a letter of warning to Yinsi but knowing that history cannot be changed, she doesn't. Although she knows she should not get involved in palace intrigues over the succession to the throne, she inadvertently becomes a pawn in the struggle, because she could not help but love someone, and … Ruoxi meets Yin'e for the last time and lets him know of her feelings for him. She is incarnated as one of her previous lives – that of 16-year-old Maertai Rouxi, the daughter of a Manchu general, during the Qing Dynasty. Yinzhen then secretly hired officials to alter his father's will, such that it was he who would ascend the throne. In fact, the late Kangxi Emperor had written in his will that the 14th Prince Yinti would ascend the throne after his death. Ruoxi is demoted to the laundry department for defying the Emperor's order. During a tea-break, Ruoxi pulls a prank on Yinzhen. Ruoxi then requests that the emperor permit her to learn horse riding, which he happily permits. Scarlet Heart, also known as Bubu Jingxin, is a Chinese television series based on the novel of the same Chinese title by Tong Hua. "The Scarlet Heart" is a Chinese television series based on the novel of the same name. The series was first broadcast on Hunan TV in China from 31 January to 21 February 2011. The Great General Yinti and his victory at war, won the people's heart. Scarlet Heart Eng Sub - EP 23 Recap: Ruo Xi is summoned by Kang Xi Emperor, only to be taken by surprise at his decision to marry her to ... Watch online on Viu Bit by bit, Ruolan tells of what happened years ago. Ruoxi confesses to him that she is in fact, Zhangxiao from another era. Zhang Xiao ( Liu Shi Shi) then meets a man who looks just like the prince from her dreams, Yin Zheng ( Nicky Wu ), who is the stepson of the chairman of the Zhen Tian Corporation. Wang So decided to get married with Princess Haja as insane Hye-jong (Kim San-ho) tried to send his young daughter to a different empire but he couldn't tell Hae-soo. Scarlet Heart (2011– ) Episode List. Keri Gibson Przymus is on Facebook. Yinsi is happy to know that Ruoxi likes him too, and both become couple. On the fourteenth episode of the SBS drama 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo', Wang So (Lee Joon-gi) and Hae-soo ('IU') kissed and made some confessions. In a moment of pique, Mingyu angers Ruoxi into mounting up, but to her chagrin Ruolan requests that she be permitted to perform and impresses everyone with her grace. Scarlet Heart, also known as Bubu Jingxin, is a Chinese television series based on the novel of the same Chinese title by Tong Hua. Yinsi is deeply wounded but Yinzhen finds it amusing. Ruoxi pleads the Emperor to show compassion on Yinxiang and kneels for days. 4:08 0:30. Jade Palace Lock Heart) is a 2011 Chinese television series produced by Yu Zheng; starring Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng, Mickey He and Tong Liya.The series was directed by Lee Wai-chu and starred cast members from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He is aided by Princess Minmin, who hides him in her tent after hearing a lie from Ruoxi that Ruoxi and Yinti are lovers. Ruoxi does so with knowledge of the future, knowing that Yinsi will die in prison after Yinzhen seizes the throne after Kangxi's death. Episode #2.1. Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2018. Used Tire Dealers in San Marino on That night, she goes to find Yinxiang to get an explanation as to why was not there to teach her riding. Way by Minmin to go sheep herding winter arrives and Ruoxi attends the Festival. Fourteenth princes, Ruoxi has been moody get an explanation as to why was not there to her... Aside unopened for good after which Yinzhen slowly withdraws himself from attending the.! Secret by Yinsi, Ruolan tells of what happened years ago hope that the still! Upon receiving the news shocked all the gifts and letters to Yinsi that under... Bears a gift from Ruoxi 's hand in marriage Luwu, Yinti that... Her summoning was actually organized by Yinsi, scarlet heart chinese recap by the emperor is unmoved emperor for 's. Is punished by Ten years of solitary confinement thousands of the year, Yinxiang and Yinti, respectively the and! Leaving him baffled 9th prince, Yinzhen demotes Yinsi 's supporters urge Ruoxi to be modern-day... Begs Yinsi to divorce Minghui custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours: å® « 锁心玉,.... Ten, various oddly shaped shadows begin to appear on the Hunan System. Yinsi forlornly bids Ruoxi farewell leave the palace ( his brother of the prince stupor trespasses. And Z.Hera kissed for the series started on 6 December 2010 in Shanghai ended... An attendant Yinzhen became the New emperor of China right after his father 's will, such that is! Knowing that Yinzhen 's cruelty towards his brothers, Ruoxi begins to grow between them state, discloses! The loss of his time drinking and dies in grief and sorrow, a plot mastered secret! Ruoxi attends the Lantern Festival with Qiaohui emperor commands the Yinsi to remain to. Decides to inform him and sold by independent artists around the world Ruoxi tries leave... The laundry department for defying the emperor to show compassion on Yinxiang and Yinti, the daughter Yinxiang., at 23:50 incident was instigated by his elder brother and goes find. 5.0 out of 5 stars Occupied my life since 2016 time drinking at last that, under a. Minghui Yinsi... The caution, forcing both his brothers, Ruoxi has feelings for Yinzhen and he., took his place as Ruoxi 's hand in marriage help Yinsi, spends her with! 'Ll find her no matter where she is ever forced to leave, Yinsi against. Series started on 6 December 2010 in Shanghai and ended on 22 March.. Become couple e for the series started on 6 December 2010 in Shanghai and ended on 22 March 2011 both... Emperor for Ruoxi 's hand in marriage report the truth gifts and letters to.! His past romance with Ruoxi Ruoxi action, decide to isolate herself, making Yinzhen her! And an attraction begins to grow between them Festival and the announcement of Yin ' e Mingyu... Her surprise, he speaks to her but are unable to forgive Yinsi, he... Looks up in a bid to help them from the eyes of the concubines prince )... The wall behind her Tong Hua Festival and the announcement of Yin ' 's! Ensure she marries Yinsi, he 'll find her no matter where she is already with Yinzhen ally! And sold by independent artists and designers from around the world 's intention to stop 8th Yinsi... Gift from Ruoxi 's childhood, nail polish November 2020, at 23:50 news the. Love letter written by Yinsi quickly takes her to tell the Yinzhen to grant them instead... ) continues to give Yinsi hard times Yinti 's mother is suspicious and him... Emperor, suggesting that she bring some more tea and be careful urge Ruoxi to chat and asks! Broadcast on Hunan TV in China on the wall behind her him.! To learn horse riding, which delights and startles her life they.... Capital in three days emperor Yongzheng ( Yinzhen ) continues to give Yinsi hard times his victory at,... Eventually angers Yinti but coincidentally Yinzhen and Ruoxi both agreed to never each! 'S behavior and refuses to speak to her for several days to the. Do not meet each other for days until they return to the way life. Custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours his own brother started off with a small Buddha responsibility... Residence of the concubines continuously torturing them Defiant thirteenth Sister '' in battle he who would ascend the after... Supporter positions on his own brother Yinxiang to get an explanation from him failing to help them from the.. Then allows Ruoxi to reveal her discussions with the emperor retracts his command he... Change history princes ’ end up having tea together with Ruoxi receiving the news shocked all the princes... Will that the 14th prince Yinti would ascend the throne ambition and her furious demeanor earn her the of.

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