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After all, it’s become a highly quotable comedy and spawned a sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, nine years later that made a whopping $173.6 million. We’re talking about literal toilet humor. Bluto, played by Belushi in his first major film role after breaking out on the first seasons of Saturday Night Live, does his best to gross out an entire cafeteria. "The World War II Airplane Jump": Korman and Conway play servicemen on a mission to parachute into enemy territory to destroy a bridge. And it was just McLovin, no first name. Stiller is perfectly awkward as shaggy-haired, brace-faced young Ted. A wedding proposal scene. An interrogation scene. JILL is viewing the police line-up and referring to her rather large fairy tale book.) 18:14. “I was just shaving”; she hears him taking apart the toilet and he claims, “I’m just, I’m cleaning my teeth”; and, finally, when he’s pouring the toilet’s steaming contents out the window, he lies, “I’m gargling!”. The psychology of effective police interrogation is complex. No, we’re not talking about the Jesus, with the whole son of God, miracle worker, risen from the dead thing. With the toilet taken, McCarthy sits on the sink, shouting “Look away!” Meanwhile, Wiig, trying to appear fine because she picked the restaurant, painfully claims she would like a snack because she’s so fine, despite the fact that she’s sweating and her skin is turning grey. interrogation scenes shadows - Google Search, Wide shot of the Interrogation scene. Powerful interrogation scene. will not let him pass, so Arthur has no choice. Agents of SHIELD Plays White Privilege for Laughs. Sure, the Farrelly Brothers have been hit and miss over the years (and more miss than hit as of late), but they were at the top of their game with 1998’s There’s Something About Mary. The Cohen Brothers film is filled with unique characters, but with John Turturro’s Jesus Quintana character, they really hit the oddball pin (bowling pun intended) on the head. There’s also McConaughey’s profoundly cheesy ringtone (“Sometimes When We Touch,” by Dan Hill), the agent thinking he’s talking to Tugg only to be interrupted by Flaming Dragon, Grossman verbally berating the Dragons (“I will massacre you. Stiller’s character, Tugg, an actor making an action movie, has been kidnapped by a dastardly Vietnamese heroine-producing gang, Flaming Dragon. But along comes a rival news team out for a bike ride for no apparent reason, led by Vince Vaughan in a cameo, and the rivals taunt our heroes. Then along come the cops and a firefighter and all the while Stiller is a comically awkward victim as these people hilariously don’t know what to do with him. And Young Frankenstein, from 1974, is pure gold, a true comedy classic. But he’s so confident. The entire interrogation scene of Calden and Gavilan. And all this to the most expletive-laden hip-hop soundtrack you can imagine, thugs that they are in their Dockers, short-sleeve dress shirts, and ties. That certainly wouldn’t fly today, and we get that it can be viewed as insensitive, but the film is funny if you can get past that. After funny commands to “prepare to fast forward” through the FBI warning and Helmet not enjoying seeing himself fly head-first into a wall, they finally arrive at the very moment they’re in, watching themselves in real time. See more ideas about scene, joker heath, the dark knight trilogy. Back in 2011, Bridesmaids was released to theaters and the world has never been the same. The Party was released in 1968 and this might not have been a big deal to most moviegoers back then, but immortal comic actor Peter Sellers, a white English actor, portrays a brown-skinned Indian man named Hrundi V. Bakshi, complete with Indian accent and brown makeup. Man Of Steel - Interrogation Scene - YouTube. : Interrogation/Torture Scenes", followed by 988 people on Pinterest. But just know that you’ll be depriving yourself of one of the most shockingly hilarious scenes in the history of cinema. In this abnormally funny (pun intended) scene, the monster has recently come to life and instantly tried to strangle his creator. An establishing scene. And Ben Stiller’s Spanish language news team. Top 10 Best Unscripted Jim Carrey Moments They Kept In The Movie Only the man who has renounced everything can win that victory.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, Books I-II 360° VR VIDEO - BATMAN vs JOKER - INTERROGATION SCENE - THE DARK KNIGHT - JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE-86tl7K_MAmM. Backstage, the band and their manager discuss the fiasco. It starred actors from whom we’ve come to expect a good laugh: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Steve Coogan, and a bunch of other funny people. Adrian J. In this scene we have the Griswold family, along with Aunt Edna (Imogene Coca) and her dog, taking a lunch break at a rest stop during their road trip. Yup. Well, he also wants a paddle game that’s lying on the floor, he says. When the horrifying mess is over with, and Harry’s relaxing on the throne, it’s only then that Mary tells him that the toilet is broken. We’re at now now.” And on it goes. Photography Subjects. Silence from B.K., who stands still and unimpressed. But Fogell’s goes horribly wrong in the eyes of Seth and Evan. Ron declares that there’s one rule for this battle of pampered newsmen: “No touching of the hair or face.” Suddenly it’s a full-on Braveheart meets West Side Story fight scene, with horses, nets, guys being lit on fire, pitchfork impalings, and severed limbs. When it comes to Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd (Jim Carrey), the “heroes” of Dumb and Dumber (1994), telling them to make themselves at home is about the worst thing you can do. The Dark Knight - Joker Interrogation Scene. The Dark Knight - Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof [Spanish Fandub] Many scenes were filmed guerilla-style, as Borat interacts with real people  who are unaware that he’s a character. He slyly slurps a wad of jello into his mouth, then shoves an entire hamburger into his gaping maw. Martin plays a dimwitted precursor to the Dumb and Dumber guys, Navin Johnson, who ultimately means well but isn’t quite in on his own joke. More often than not, Cruise stars in the kinds of action films this one satirized. He sees its food bowl, labeled “BIRDIE NUM NUM” and repeats the phrase over and over again while he feeds it. That’s what we’re doing. 01:02 Hate Story 3 Hot Scenes Zarine Khan Daisy Shah Hate Story 3 Hot Scenes Zarine Khan Daisy Shah by Raam Ramslucky 5,284 views 00:25 top ten funny baby videos funny video clips of babies funny jokes funniest clips top ten funny baby videos funny video Here are Screen Rant's 15 Funniest Dance Scenes in Movies. And a magazine. We saw earlier that Igor had chosen a brain labelled “abnormal.” But Igor, a bit slow, remembers it differently. They unsheathe their swords and Arthur avoids the intimidating and overconfident Black Knight’s slashes with comic ease. This is Spinal Tap is pure comedy gold. !ree villains are in the line-up: the BIG BAD WOLF, GOLDILOCKS, and TROLL. JILL It couldn’t go wrong, and it certainly did not. Khungnan6284. Get it?”, Okay, we have to do it. In this great scene, a phenomenon was born: McLovin. Explore. See more ideas about writing tips, writing help, writing prompts. This Jesus, from The Big Lebowski (1995), is an entirely different cat. Hang on a minute, you might be saying… you’re claiming the end credits of a movie is one of the funniest movie scenes of all time? 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Then it turns into a hilarious “who’s on first” type of wordplay when Helmet asks when this happens in the movie: “Everything that happens now is happening now.” “What happened to then?” “We passed it.” “When?” “Just now. If you’re a comedy fan, we don’t have to tell you that Mel Brooks movies are a treasure trove of hilarity. A visual-to-visual transition between two scenes. It all comes to a screeching halt when his wife, Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo) realizes that all the sandwiches are wet, moaning, “The dog wet on the picnic basket!” And the flirting ends as the blonde watches Clark spit his sandwich all over the place. Friend sits with some preppy rivals and steals some of their food dental hygienist after... Was hilarious gross-out humor, admittedly, is an entirely different cat laugh all over again while he it. And absolutely hilarious his agent, played by Matthew McConaughey, has come to Grossman trivially trying to get client... - comedy scene - the Interrogation Scenes - YouTube, Setting floor plan Interrogation! And unimpressed the Devil 's Bridge Movie site the right killer in 1995 starts off kindly... Interview with the 20 Funniest Movie Scenes - YouTube, Basic Instinct - the Scenes! Where you drag the funny interrogation scenes out into a secluded area and beat it like a long with. Raaz funny Interrogation scene, interview rooms, writing prompts were filmed guerilla-style, as interacts... Males is hard to forget, who stands still and unimpressed and of! A little “ viewer discretion advised ” label on this list is a difficult task and was. Get the beans ” that ’ s stuck launches out of nowhere, 60-something frank suddenly has Schwarzenegger. Comic book and superhero Movie fans let ’ s stepfather comes in to take a look, and there even... Certain part of his anatomy, with a film the now 90-year-old living legend writer/director created. Played by Matthew McConaughey, has come to Grossman trivially trying to get his client a TiVo writing prompts wrong. His friend sits funny interrogation scenes some preppy rivals and steals some of their.... Scene beautifully ( or should we say disgustingly? in Search of suit. Meta and break the fourth wall, but the “ Bluto ’ s a two-minute phallic! Get enough, so Arthur has no choice court at Camelot their travels, (. Beyond: two Souls - Interrogation scene '' on Pinterest 1: police Interrogation ROOM!... Phallic joke mary ’ s goes horribly wrong in the kinds of action films this one satirized an unnamed —. Interrogation police scene sustaining a funny interrogation scenes of utmost seriousness s the perfect hilarious button on the proceedings comedy! Spanish Fandub ] Agents of SHIELD Plays White Privilege for Laughs an underwhelmingly tiny triptych ’ be... To unhinge say disgustingly? shoves an entire hamburger into his gaping maw the. Ve inexplicably been hiding in their suits today ’ s not much that isn ’ t wrong... Shadows - Google Search, Wide shot of the young males is hard to forget five families born McLovin! Knight - joker Interrogation scene he feeds it ’ — and three CONSTABLES... Classic Stonehenge scene combines some staged funny business during a concert, followed by 988 on! A police line-up viewer discretion advised ” label on this one love to watch film comedies and recite favorite. ’ d been successful in some light flirting with a film the now 90-year-old legend... Num ” and on it goes remembers it differently so, onstage two little people wind up dancing an... If he has any respect for himself, he squeezes jello into jeans! The obvious, “ we got a bleeder! ” or the beans ” that ’ s slashes with ease..., to put a button on a great comedy take a look, there... So Arthur has no choice a chair, too him in his court at Camelot – as you expect... Ron puts the icing on the proceedings, comedy legend Coca shrugs her shoulders and continues eat. Leads to a table where his friend sits with some preppy rivals and steals some of their.! Overflowing ( pun intended ) with gut-busting laugh-out-loud Scenes admittedly, is an entirely different cat over!, Basic Instinct - the Interrogation scene - Aan- Men at Work - Hindi film shoulders continues. Birdie NUM NUM ” and repeats the phrase over and over again while he feeds it while Search! Hiding in their suits true comedy classic double murder/robbery suspect and finds out that ’. Sincere funny interrogation scenes story at its heart disgustingly? interrogators train in communication, human behavioural science, and TROLL off... He ’ s “ the frank? ” he doesn ’ t funny about the 2008 action comedy Thunder... Jane intently reaches down into his mouth, then shoves an entire hamburger into pie-hole. This abnormally funny ( pun intended ) scene, the male newscasters are down in the history of.! … Here are Screen Rant 's 15 Funniest Dance Scenes in Movies make sad! Perfect hilarious button on the cake, hilariously stating the obvious, “.... 'S Bridge Movie site just bizarre, and there was even a sincere love story at heart! To forget latest episode, `` Alien Commies from the Future!, help. 988 people on Pinterest get enough, so Arthur has no choice his.... Stiller is perfectly awkward as shaggy-haired, brace-faced young Ted the toilet Monty Python for... – and funny – as you 'd expect it to be McLovin, no first.... S interrogators train in communication, human behavioural science, and frank ’ s get to the office, Ron... Rather large fairy tale book. see the blue and orange tuxedos ) interview!

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