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For more detailed codes research information, including annotations and citations, please visit Westlaw . Matching game, word search puzzle, and hangman also available. Military Personnel. NOT TO BE … Coast Guard Ssic Manual - ... Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC), SECNAV M-5210.2 (series) The Coast Guard Correspondence Manual, COMDTINST M5216.4 (series) Log in Sign up. Coast Guard . The file contains 72 page(s) and is free to view, download or print. ...36.,-Includes subjects relating solely to administration and mission of the Coast Guard. This Manual transmits Standard Subject Identification Codes for the Coast Guard. File: Coast-Guard-SSIC-Numbers.pdf IDENTIFICATION CODES - Historic . jamikop23. SSIC . COAST GUARD CORRESPONDENCE MANUAL. download pdf. Subject:Transmission Related Diagnostic Trouble Codes Group01. Attack Aircraft (A6-C-TRIM) NC. SSIC MANUAL. Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series) COAST GUARD MISSIONS SSIC SORTED NUMERICALLY . Military Sealift Common Items Requiring American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS) and/or United States Coast Guard (USCG) inspection and certification NA. COMMANDANT CHANGE NOTICE 1000 . SSIC Code 3000. "Ditty" to remember SSIC Codes. Create. Commandant. Administration. SSICs Are The ... STANDARD SUBJECT IDENTIFICATION CODE (SSIC) MANUAL The Secretary Of The Navy Secna V M-52 1 0 .2 ,. Operations and Readiness. The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission (with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters) and a federal regulatory agency mission as part of its mission set. July 2012 Department Of The Subj: THE COAST GUARD … United States Coast Guard. Free flashcards to help memorize facts about HMCM Fraker's. Washington, DC 20593-7213. 5814 [DATE] Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions. 5000 SPORTS (Major) "STANDARD SUBJECT IDENTIFICATION CODES MANUAL" is the property of its rightful owner. Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series) Administrative Official Information Exchange (Admin OIX) Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC), SECNAV M-5210.2 (series) The Coast Guard Correspondence Manual, COMDTINST M5216.4 (series) U.S. Coast Guard Postal Manual, COMDTINST M5110.1 (series) Plain Writing Act of 2010, Public Law 111-274 . To revise the Department of the Navy Standard Subject identification ... Coast Guard Missions . Subj: CH-9 TO OFFICER ACCESSIONS, … request printed copy To download free standard subject identification codes (ssic) coast guard you need to register. Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1), Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership Directorate (CG-12), Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4), Shore Infrastructure Logistic Center (SILC), Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, The Office of Information Management (CG-61), Assistant Commandant for Acquisitions (CG-9), Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Directives Publications and Reports Index, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC), SECNAV M-5210.2, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series), Administrative Official Information Exchange (Admin OIX). TITLE. sayyeda1. SknyTXGal. 5122 FOOTBALL. Subscribers will also be notified when active duty and reserve payslips are posted and of both scheduled and unscheduled outages affecting the Direct Access personnel system or the TPAX travel claim liquidation system. SSIC Code 4000. SSIC Code 1000. Cargo/Transport Aircraft (C1) NE. SSIC Code 5000. the secretary of the navy secna v m-52 1 0 .2 ,. Ssic Manual Coast Guard coast guard ssic Coast Guard SSIC Numbers - IndaBook. Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble, games, matching, quizes, and tests. SSIC Codes 14 terms. 1. ... (SSIC Codes). View Advancement_Exam_Notes_ from CIS MISC at Coastal Carolina Community College. Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series) COAST GUARD MISSIONS SSIC SORTED NUMERICALLYSSIC TITLESSIC 16000 - 16099 GENERAL16000 General Coast Guard Mission16001 Transportation Policy16002 Transportation Plans16003 Ocean Policy16004 Water Resources Policy16010 Objectives and Goals16011 Coast Guard Objectives16012 Output … ACTION. Coast Guard (only come under the navy durring time of war) M ilitary T ests R equire L uck A nd M asterchief F raker's O utstanding S tudy M aterial F or C orpsman A dvancement G oals. july 2012 department of the navy standard subject identification code (ssic) manual published by the department of the navy chief information officer SSIC . Call numbers 35 terms. Ssic Manual Coast Guard Free Books All Access to Ssic Manual Coast Guard Free Books PDF. SSIC CODES 14 cards | Created by guest | Last updated: Sep 16, 2015 | Total Attempts: 36 -+ View. (c). Subscribers to this list will receive notices and information on Coast Guard military pay and personnel policy and procedures. Numerous well-paying work require analysis as a component of job performance. department of the navy standard subject identification code (ssic) manual. Identification Codes (SSIC) For The Department Of The Navy (DON). You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Study free Military flashcards and improve your grades. ShenFukuda. Reading Ssic Manual Coast Guard Best Printable 2020 is a important skill in discovering a excellent task. Logistics. SSIC Codes 16000 Series . C41 systems/equipment under technical program … Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series) COAST GUARD MISSIONS SSIC SORTED NUMERICALLYSSIC TITLESSIC 16000 - 16099 GENERAL16000 General Coast Guard Mission16001 Transportation Policy16002 Transportation Plans16003 Ocean Policy16004 Water Resources Policy16010 Objectives and Goals16011 Coast Guard Objectives16012 Output Measures16013 Milestones16014 Long Range Views16015 Mid-Range OutlooksSSIC 16100 – 16149 SEARCH AND RESCUE16100 General16101 Policies16102 Systems16103 Organization16104 Plans16105 Agreements16106 Records & Reports16107 Analyses16110 Facilities16111 Rescue Coordination Centers16112 Aircraft16113 Ships16114 Boat Operations and Training16115 Special Watercraft16116 Submersibles16117 Land Forces16120 Communications16121 Communications Systems16122 Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER)16123 Distress Alerting and Locating Systems16124 Emergency Signals16125 Messages and Procedures16127 2-3 MHZ Radio-Telephone Communication Program16130 SAR Operations16131 Search Planning16132 Search Patterns16133 Search Execution16134 Rescue Procedures16135 Emergency Care 1, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series)SSIC 16150 - 16199 ICE OPERATIONS 16150 General 16151 Policies 16152 Systems 16153 Plans 16154 Agreements 16155 Records & Reports 16160 Facilities 16161 Polar Icebreakers 16162 Domestic Icebreakers 16163 Special Icebreaking Vehicles 16164 Icebreaking Equipment 16170 Operations 16171 General Icebreaking Techniques 16172 Polar Icebreaking 16173 Harbor Icebreaking 16174 River IcebreakingSSIC 16200 - 16449 ENFORCMENT OF LAWS AND TREATIES 16200 General Enforcement of Laws and Treaties Records 16201 Policies 16202 Enforcement Agency Agreement 16203 Records & Reports 16210 Laws & Treaties 16211 Territorial 16212 Economic Zone 16213 Continental Shelf 16214 Fisheries and Living Resources 16215 Customs 16216 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs 16217 Immigration 16230 Facilities 16231 Aircraft 16232 Ships 16233 Boats 16234 Special Watercraft 16235 Detections Systems and Equipment 16236 MARDET Units 16240 Operations 16241 Surveillance and Detection 16242 Rules of Engagement 16243 Use of Force 16244 Seizure and Arrest 16245 Custody 16246 Prosecution 16247 Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding 16248 AEROSTAT 16300 Homeland Security 16310 Maritime Supply Chain 2, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series)16311 Marine Transportation System RecoverySSIC 16450 – 16499 MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION16450 Marine Environmental Protection16451 Policies and Procedures16452 Environmental Coordination16455 Pollution Prevention16460 Pollution Law Enforcement16461 OSC Reports16462 SKIM16465 Pollution Response16466 Extreme Weather16470 Surveillance and Monitoring16471 Contingency Planning16472 National Contingency Plan/NRT Activities16473 Regional Plans16474 Local Plans16475 Environmental Impact Assessments16477 Recycling Program16478 Hazardous Waste Management System16480 Hazardous Chemical and Oil Response16481 Identification/Detection16482 Storage/Disposal16483 Special Removal/Chemical Additives16490 CHRIS/HACSSSIC 16500 - 16549 SHORT RANGE AIDS TO NAVIGATION16500 Short Range Aids to Navigation- General16501 Policies and Procedures16502 Marine Information16503 Reports and Records16504 External Relations16510 Aids to Navigation Audio -Visual Signal16511 Federal Buoys16512 Federal Unmanned Beacons16513 Light Stations16514 Federal Unmanned Lights16515 Federal Fog Signals and Fog Signal Stations16516 Federal RACONS16517 State and Municipal Aids to Navigation16518 Private Aids to Navigation16519 Aids to Navigation Positioning Management16530 Aids to Navigation Service and Support Units16531 Bases16532 Depots16533 Aids to Navigation Teams16534 Marine Information- Boats16535 Buoy Tenders 3, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series)SSIC 16550 - 16589 LONG RANGE AIDS TO NAVIGATION16550 General16551 Radio Aids to Navigation Plans16552 User Comments16553 Societies, Panels, and Other Groups16554 Joint Chiefs of Staff/Department of Defense16555 District/Activities/Section16560 Loran/Omega16561 Loran-A System16562 Loran-C System16563 Loran-D System16564 Loran Stations16565 Loran Equipment16566 Omega System16567 Omega Stations16568 Projects16570 Radiobeacons, Satellites & other Radio Aids to Navigation16571 Microwave Aids16572 Radiobeacons16573 Private Radio Aids16574 Decca16575 Satellites16576 Others16577 Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)SSIC 16590 - 16599 BRIDGE ADMINISTRATION16590 General16591 Bridge Permits16592 Obstructive Bridges16593 Drawbridge RegulationsSSIC 16600 – 16699 PORT SAFTEY AND SECURITY16600 Port Safety and Security16601 Policies and Procedures16602 Threats and Sabotage16603 Surveillance of Federal Property16604 Security Zones16606 Emergency Entry16610 Waterfront Operatiosn16611 Shoreside Facilities16612 Anchorage and Fleeting Areas16613 Off-Shore Facilities16614 Vessel Security16615 Cargo Security16616 Dangerous Cargo16617 Personnel Screening16618 Special Programs16630 Vessel Traffic Management 4, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series) 16631 Vessel Traffic Services Projects 16632 Vessel Traffic Services Regulations 16633 Vessel Traffic Services Surveillance Techniques 16634 Vessel Traffic Services Effectiveness 16635 Vessel Traffic Services Data Collection and Analysis 16636 Speed Control 16637 Pilotage 16650 Ship’s Routing 16651 Traffic Separation Schemes 16652 Shipping Safety Fairways 16653 Deep Water Routes 16654 Shipping Tracks 16670 Navigation Safety 16671 Regulations 16672 Rules of the Road 16673 Lines of Demarcation 16674 Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone 16675 International Conferences 16676 Advisory CommitteesSSIC 16700 – 16749 COMMERICAL VESSEL SAFETY 16700 Commercial Vessel Safety 16701 Legislation 16702 Treaties 16703 Regulations 16704 Marine Safety Council 16705 Industry Relations 16706 Liaison 16707 Conferences 16710 Commercial Vessels 16711 Inspection 16712 Manning 16713 Documentation 16714 Equipment and Materials Approval 16715 Plan Approval 16716 Load Lines 16717 Admeasurement 16720 Commercial Vessel Personnel 16721 Licensing and Certificating 16722 Revocation or Suspension 16723 Shipment and Discharge 16724 Security Screening 16730 Violations and Casualties 16731 Violations 16732 Marine Casualties 16742 Mariner’s CredentialsSSIC 16750 – 16799 RECREATIONAL BOATING SAFETY 16750 Recreational Boating Safety 5, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series)16751 Policies and Procedures16752 Regulations16753 Liaison16754 Statistics16755 Financial Assistance Program16760 Recreational Boats16761 Boating Standards16762 Defect Notifications16763 Safety Equipment16764 Registration and Numbering16765 Manufacture’s Identification Codes16770 Boat Operations16771 Operator Qualifications16772 Education and Training16780 Violations and Accidents16781 Enforcement Boating Laws Aids16782 Accident Investigations16790 Coast Guard Auxiliary16791 Governing Rules And Regulations16792 Organizational Structure16793 Board, Staff, Committee, Duties16794 Member Training and Qualifications16795 Facilities; Inspection and Operational Employment-Federal16796 Courtesy Marine Examination Program16797 Public Education Courses16798 Operations; Communications: Vessel, Radio and Aircraft16799 Uniform, Insignia, Emblem, Flags 6, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series)COAST GUARD MISSIONS SSIC SORTED ALPHABETICALLY16127 2-3 MHZ Radio-Telephone Communication Program16782 Accident Investigations16717 Admeasurement16676 Advisory Committees- Port Safety and Security16248 AEROSTAT16154 Agreements- Ice Operations16105 Agreements- Search and Rescue16510 Aids to Navigation Audio -Visual Signal16519 Aids to Navigation Positioning Management16530 Aids to Navigation Service and Support Units16533 Aids to Navigation Teams16231 Aircraft- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16112 Aircraft- Search and Rescue16107 Analyses- Search and Rescue16612 Anchorage and Fleeting Areas16122 Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER)16531 Bases- Short Range Aids to Navigation16793 Board, Staff, Committee, Duties16770 Boat Operations – Recreational Boating Safety16114 Boat Operations and Training- Search and Rescue16761 Boating Standards16233 Boats- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16591 Bridge Permits16674 Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone16535 Buoy Tenders16615 Cargo Security16490 CHRIS/ HACS16790 Coast Guard Auxiliary16011 Coast Guard Objectives16720 Commercial Vessel Personnel16700 Commercial Vessel Safety16710 Commercial Vessels16120 Communications- Search and Rescue16121 Communications Systems16707 Conferences- Commercial Vessel Safety16213 Continental Shelf16471 Contingency Planning16796 Courtesy Marine Examination Program16245 Custody- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16215 Customs- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16616 Dangerous Cargo16574 Decca16653 Deep Water Routes16762 Defect Notifications16532 Depots16235 Detections Systems and Equipment16577 Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) 1, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series)16123 Distress Alerting and Locating Systems16555 District/Activities/Section16713 Documentation16162 Domestic Icebreakers16593 Drawbridge Regulations16212 Economic Zone16772 Education and Training16135 Emergency Care16606 Emergency Entry16124 Emergency Signals16202 Enforcement Agency Agreement16781 Enforcement of Boating Laws16452 Environmental Coordination16475 Environmental Impact Assessments16714 Equipment and Materials Approval16504 External Relations16466 Extreme Weather16230 Facilities- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16160 Facilities- Ice Operations16110 Facilities- Search and Rescue16795 Facilities; Inspection and Operational Employment-Federal16511 Federal Buoys16515 Federal Fog Signals and Fog Signal16516 Federal RACONS16512 Federal Unmanned Beacons16514 Federal Unmanned Lights16755 Financial Assistance Program16214 Fisheries and Living Resources16590 General- Bridge Administration16000 General Coast Guard Mission16200 General Enforcement of Laws and Treaties Records16150 General- Ice Operations16171 General Icebreaking Techniques16550 General- Long Range Aids to Navigation16100 General- Search and Rescue16791 Governing Rules and Regulations16173 Harbor Icebreaking16480 Hazardous Chemical and Oil Response16478 Hazardous Waste Management System16300 Homeland Security16164 Icebreaking Equipment16481 Identification/Detection16217 Immigration16705 Industry Relations16711 Inspection- Commercial Vessel Safety16675 International Conferences16554 Joint Chiefs of Staff/Department of Defense16117 Land Forces- Search and Rescue16210 Laws & Treaties- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16701 Legislation- Commercial Vessel Safety16706 Liaison- Commercial Vessel Safety 2, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series)16753 Liaison- Recreational Boating Safety16721 Licensing and Certificating16513 Light Stations16673 Lines of Demarcation16716 Load Lines16474 Local Plans16014 Long Range Views16565 Loran Equipment16564 Loran Stations16560 Loran/Omega16561 Loran-A System16562 Loran-C System16563 Loran-D System16712 Manning16765 Manufacture’s Identification Codes16236 MARDET Units16732 Marine Casualties16450 Marine Environmental Protection16502 Marine Information16534 Marine Information- Boats16704 Marine Safety Council16311 Marine Transportation System Recovery16742 Mariner’s Credentials16247 Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding16310 Maritime Supply Chain16794 Member Training and Qualifications16125 Messages and Procedures16571 Microwave Aids16015 Mid-Range Outlooks16013 Milestones16216 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs16472 National Contingency Plan/NRT Activities16670 Navigation Safety16010 Objectives and Goals- General16592 Obstructive Bridges16003 Ocean Policy16613 Off-Shore Facilities16567 Omega Stations16566 Omega System16240 Operations- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16170 Operations- Ice Operations16798 Operations; Communications: Vessel, Radio and Aircraft16771 Operator Qualifications16103 Organization- Search and Rescue16792 Organizational Structure- Recreational Boating Safety16461 OSC Reports16576 Others- Long Range Aids to Navigation16012 Output Measures16617 Personnel Screening16637 Pilotage16715 Plan Approval 3, Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series)16153 Plans- Ice Operations16104 Plans- Search and Rescue16161 Polar Icebreakers16172 Polar Icebreaking16451 Policies and Procedures- Marine Environmental Protection16601 Policies and Procedures- Port Safety and Security16751 Policies and Procedures- Recreational Boating Safety16501 Policies and Procedures- Short Range Aids to Navigation16201 Policies- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16151 Policies- Ice Operations16101 Policies- search and Rescue16460 Pollution Law Enforcement16455 Pollution Prevention16465 Pollution Response16600 Port Safety and Security16518 Private Aids to Navigation16573 Private Radio Aids16568 Projects- Long Range Aids to Navigation16246 Prosecution- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16797 Public Education Courses16551 Radio Aids to Navigation Plans16572 Radiobeacons16570 Radiobeacons, Satellites & other Radio Aids to Navigation16203 Records & Reports- Enforcement of Laws and Treaties16155 Records & Reports- Ice Operations16106 Records & Reports- Search and Rescue16750 Recreational Boating Safety16760 Recreational Boats16477 Recycling Program16473 Regional Plans16764 Registration and Numbering16703 Regulations- Commercial Vessel Safety16671 Regulations- Port Security & Safety16752 Regulations- Recreational Boating Safety16503 Reports and Records16111 Rescue Coordination Centers16134 Rescue Procedures16722 Revocation or Suspension16174 River Icebreaking16242 Rules of Engagement16672 Rules of the Road16763 Safety Equipment16130 SAR Operations16575 Satellites16133 Search Execution16132 Search Patterns16131 Search Planning16724 Security Screening16604 Security Zones16244 Seizure and Arrest16650 Ship’s Routing 4. 2703 Martin Luther King Ave SE. TITLE dondzangelo. Document History. Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard ... Like this book? A SSIC is a four or five digit number that stands for the subject of a document. Communications Area Master Station Atlantic (CAMSLANT) Commandant of the Coast Guard (CG-00) Chaplain of the Coast Guard (CG-00A) Civil Rights Directorate (CG-00H) Office of Congressional Affairs (CG-0921) Community Relations Branch (CG-09223) Court of Criminal Appeals (CG-094C) sayyeda1. Get Access Coast Guard Ssic Manual Free BooksPDF and Download Coast Guard Ssic Manual Free Books PDF for Free. Commandant United States Coast Guard US Coast Guard Stop 7710 2703 Martin Luther King JR Ave SE Washington, DC 20593-7710 Staff Symbol: CG-612 Phone: (202) 372-2673 Fax: (202) 475-3929 Email: . CODES (2 days ago) Commandant US Coast Guard Stop 7907 United States Coast Guard 2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE Washington, DC 20593 -7907 Staff Symbol: CG -1331 Phone: (202) 475 -5372 Fax: (202) 372 -8473 COMDTCHANGENOTE 1000 22 August 2017 . codes ( ssic) - marine corps publications electronic official website of the united states coast guard u.s. coast guard storekeeper (sk) study guide coast guard correspondence manual - pdffiller uscg ssic manual pdf ssic manual coast guard read coast guard correspondence manual ssic STANDARD SUBJECTIDENTIFICATION CODES (SSIC) Pur ose. View Flashcards . Coast Guard Reserve and Auxiliary FindLaw Codes are provided courtesy of Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the industry-leading online legal research system . Organization Coast Guard A to Z Atlantic Area Pacific Area Force Readiness Command Leadership Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series) COAST GUARD MISSIONS SSIC SORTED NUMERICALLYSSIC TITLESSIC 16000 - 16099 GENERAL16000 General Coast Guard Mission16001 Transportation … COMMANDANT INSTRUCTION M5216.4D . Readbag users suggest that Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Manual is worth reading. SSIC Codes 14 terms. CISSP NIST 17 Terms. Phone: (202) 372-38XX. Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Manual active, Most Current Details. Goals - 16000 - Coast Guard. 1000 SERIES . References Organization: USCG: Publication Date: 13 May 1988: Status: active: Page Count: 72: scope: PURPOSE. SSIC Code 2000. 5123 - SOCCER. 5121 BOXING. QM BOLC Field Services & Aerial Delivery 41 terms. Staff Symbol: CG-094. Construction of Standard Subject Identification Code (SSIC) 1. Mission: To provide operationally capable and ready personnel to support Coast Guard surge and mobilization requirements in the Homeland and abroad. SSIC CODES 1000 Series: Military personnel 2000 Series: Telecommunications 3000 … CISSP NIST 17 Terms. 14 terms. dondzangelo. Telecommunications. SSIC Codes 14 Terms. 09 JUL 2020 . A list of all US Coast Guard MOS (Military Occupation Specialities) with links to detail pages for each. Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) Sector Columbia River. History. COMDTINST M5216.4D. Coast Guard. This Manual provides Coast Guard policy for correspondence formats, clearance procedures, writing standards, and other correspondence related issues. secnav m-5210.2. Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC) Coast Guard 16000 (series) COAST GUARD MISSIONS SSIC SORTED NUMERICALLY . The Coast Guard has received numerous requests for further guidance on 46 CFR 121.620 and 184.620, including Ref. Tahir_Majeed8. COMMANDANT INSTRUCTION M5216.4C. Subj: THE COAST GUARD CORRESPONDENCE MANUAL. PURPOSE. ... SSIC Codes 14 Terms. SSICs Required. Propulsion engine control systems on all small passenger vessels regulated under Subchapters K or T must provide a level of safety comparable to or greater than 2.

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