bmw airhead electrics

of low charging rate, under 2 amperes, can have them left connected to the battery, charging, for a fair amount of time, as noted. However, these particular small three diodes are used to provide a smaller amount of current, which have these functions:   (a)  for driving the voltage regulator's  'sensing'  function;  (b) providing the ROTOR current the several amperes needed for the rotor after the alternator begins to produce electricity; and, (c) to extinguish the GEN lamp after the alternator spins up fast enough to need more rotor current than that provided through the GEN lamp (which happens at quite low RPM ...hardly much above idle rpm). The applied voltage to the diode by the ohmmeter....or the diode testing function....must be at least half a volt for most common diodes to 'turn on' in the 'forward' conduction direction. Why not join? or Best Offer. 03/11/2014:  Update a bit to improve clarity. Yes, that means similar to a Bosch style starter motor. Please let me know, no worries either way. The shorter, generally, the better. Because of this, the engine structure must be electrically solid ...of very low resistance as an electrical connection due to the large currents that will flow. The 3 wires to the starter are good, that much I know. /5 Series Circuits /5 Series Electrical Components Next is terminal (85) with a 0.75 mm² BLUE–Yellow wire, then terminal (86) with two 1.0 mm² GREEN–Black wires, (87) with two BLACK wires and finally terminal (D+) with two BLUE 0.75 mm² wires attached. By the way, if the internal connection between the two (D+) terminals fails inside the relay, then these two terminals are no longer a common point and current can’t flow in between the wires. If the relay is open then no current flows through the electromagnetic coil and the circuit is open so no current flows through the component. See for more information on Chitech, and how to order their publication., A special form of "transformation" is actually done by your motorcycle alternator. You said you figured out the differences so at some point you have to test things to see if you got it correct. Enough said! The black circle where the three 0.75 mm² GREEN–Red wires join and the other one with the two GREEN–Black wires crossing each other with a black circle are common connections so the wires are electrically connected. Back-current (AKA Reverse Current) in diodes, such as on the diode board, should be very low. An air hose to blow away excessive water and then natural drying in the sun works fine; just do not wait. The rest of these figures are official, at 77°F: ...are all connected together mechanically, and since the touching surfaces are usually bare, unpainted,  the entire structure is or can be part of a circuit. Using Circuit Diagram Fragments To Find Electrical Problems, 40th Anniversary R80 G/S & R65LS Rally Trip, Critique of the Chitech BMW Electric School Manual, Metric & American Wires, Colors, Bosch wire & Connection Codes, Sources & Wiring, Schematic Diagrams, Electricity 101+ for BMW Airhead Motorcycles, The Slash 5 (/5) starter relay ‘cricket’ noise & starter problem, Diode Boards & Grounding Wires On BMW Airhead Motorcycles, Bosch Metal Can Mechanical Voltage Regulator, Clean & Adjust, Tech Tips (See TT-12 Engine Electrical System and TT-61 General Electrical System), DIN Standard 72552, Terminal Designations, Bosch,,, 00 BMW 1973 R75/5 “Grover’s” First Engine Start, 11 BMW 1973 R75/5 Install the Engine In the Frame, 11 BMW 1973 R75/5 Measure Cylinders and Install Pistons & New Rings, 11 BMW 1973 R75/5 Refinish Cylinders and Refinish & Rebuild Heads, 11 BMW 1973 R75/5 Remove & Install Flywheel, Replace Rear Main Seal, Oil Pump Cover & Cover O-Ring, 11 BMW 1973 R75/5 Replace Front Crankshaft Seal, 11 BMW 1973 R75/5 Replace Oil Pan Gasket, Clean Oil Pickup, 11 BMW R75/5 Repair Stripped Cylinder Stud Threads, 12 BMW 1973 R75/5 Install Spark Plug Wires, 12 BMW 1973 R75/5 Replace Alternator Brushes, Paint Starter Motor, 13 BMW 1973 R75/5 Install Carburetors and Cables, 13 BMW 1973 R75/5 Rebuild & Refinish Bing Type 64/32 Carburetors & Karcoma Petcocks, 21 BMW 1973 R75/5 Remove and Inspect Clutch, 23 BMW 1973 R75/5 Install the Transmission, 31 BMW 1973 R75/5 Install and Align Front Forks, 31 BMW 1973 R75/5 Remove & Install New Steering Head Bearings, 32 BMW 1973 R75/5 Repair Stripped Thread in Handlebar Control, 33 BMW 1973 R75/5 Install Swing Arm and Rear Drive, 33 BMW 1973 R75/5 Remove & Install New Swing Arm Bearings, 36 BMW 1973 R75/5 Refinish Wheels, Install New Spokes, Repair Spun Wheel Bearing, 46 BMW 1973 R75/5 Assemble Windjammer II Fairing, 46 BMW 1973 R75/5 Install Rear Sub-Frame, Shocks, Key Lock & Seat Latch, 46 BMW 1973 R75/5 Repair Windjammer II Fairing, Strip Paint, 51 BMW 1973 R75/5 Paint Side Cover Stripes, 51 BMW 1973 R75/5 Paint the Tank, Fenders, Fairing and Tail Light, 51 BMW 1973 R75/5 Preparing Fenders & Tank for Painting, 51 BMW 1973 R75/5 Refinish Steering Damper Knob, 51 BMW 1973 R75/5 Refinish the Header Pipes, 51 BMW 1973 R75/5 Repair Clear Coat Sand Through, 51 BMW 1973 R75/5 Repair Paint on Headlight Shell and Switch Housing, 51 BMW 1973 R75/5 Setting Up A Paint Booth & Paint Equipment, 61 BMW 1973 R75/5 Install Electrical System, 61 BMW 1973 R75/5 Remove Wire Harness and Electrics, 11 BMW 1975 R75/6 Replace Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal, Oil Pump Cover & O-ring, 11 BMW 1975 R75/6 Replace Timing Chain, Crankshaft Sprocket, Nose Bearing, 21 BMW 1975 R75/6 Remove, Refurbish, Install Clutch, 34 BMW 1975 R75/6 Rebuild Master Cylinder & Disk Caliper, 61 BMW 1975 R75/6 Replace Left Side Handlebar Control Switch, 00 BMW 1977 R100RS Assembling The Bike From the Frame Up, 00 BMW 1977 R100RS Update after 4,400 Miles, 11 BMW 1977 R100RS Install Connecting Rods and Assemble Top End, 11 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove Pistons, Connecting Rods & Inspect, 11 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Rear Main Seal & Oil Pump Cover O-Ring, 11 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Rocker Needle Bearings, Remove Valves & Inspect, 11 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Timing Chain, Crankshaft Timing Gear & Nose Bearing, 12 BMW 1977 R100RS Changes To Ignition For Dual Plug Heads, 12 BMW 1977 R100RS Install Dyna III Electronic Ignition-Refurbish Automatic Timing Unit (ATU), 12 BMW 1977 R100RS Refurbish & Rebuild Starter Motor, 12 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Engine Electrical Components, 13 BMW 1977 R100RS Rebuild & Refinish Bing Type 94/40 Carburetors, 21 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove, Refurbish, Install Clutch, 23 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove, Disassemble and Inspect Transmission, 23 BMW 1977 R100RS Transmission Refresh and Assembly, 31 BMW 1977 R100RS Install Steering Stem, Front Forks, Telefix Fork Brace and Toaster Tan Top Brace, 31 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove Front Forks, Handle Bars, Steering Stem, Fork Lock, 31 BMW 1977 R100RS Replace Steering Head Bearings, Rebuild Front Forks, 33 BMW 1977 R100RS Install Drive Shaft & Swing Arm Bearings, 33 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove Drive Shaft & Swing Arm Bearings, 34 BMW 1977 R100RS Rebuild and Restore Front Disk Brakes & Master Cylinder, 36 BMW 1977 R100RS Wheel Bearings-Replace & Adjust Preload, 46 BMW 1977 R100RS Assemble Fairing, Dash, Instruments and Windscreen, 46 BMW 1977 R100RS Check If Frame Is Bent, 46 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove, Disassemble Body Work, 46 BMW 1977 R100RS Repair Fairing Panels & Side Covers, 52 BMW 1977 R100RS Assemble and Install Seat and Cowl, 61 BMW 1977 R100RS Refurbish and Install Wiring & Electrical Components, 61 BMW 1977 R100RS Remove Wiring Harness, Instruments & Electrical Components, 00 BMW 1983 R100RS->RT Assembly From The Frame Up, 00 BMW 1983 R100RS->RT Break-In And Shake Down Log, 00 BMW 1983 R100RS->RT Pre-Build Inspection & Build Plan, 00 BMW 1983 R100RS->RT Project Complete Overview, 00 BMW 1983 R100RS Disassembly Down To The Frame, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Diagnose Intermittent Low Oil Pressure Light, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Connecting Rods & Cam Followers, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Crankshaft Sprocket, Nose Bearing, Timing Chain, Front Main Seal, Inner Timing Cover, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Crankshaft, Adjust End Float, Install Camshaft, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Engine in Frame, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Engine Top End, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Push Rod Tubes & Head Studs, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Rear Main Seal, Oil Pump Cover & O-ring, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove & Inspect Oil Pump, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Camshaft and Crankshaft, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Connecting Rods, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Flywheel & Rear Main Seal, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Push Rod Tubes & Cylinder Studs, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Timing Chain, Crankshaft Nose Bearing & Sprocket, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Valves & Inspect Heads, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Replace Oil Pan & Oil Pump Suction Flange Gaskets, Get Oil Pan Mating Surface Flat, 11 BMW 1983 R100RS Shim Oil Filter Canister, Install Oil Cooler & Filter, 12 BMW 1983 R100RS Check Diode Board, Replace Rubber Mounts, 12 BMW 1983 R100RS Install EME 400 Watt Charging System, 12 BMW 1983 R100RS Install EME Optical-Electronic Ignition System, 12 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Diode Board, Alternator & Electronic Ignition Sensor, 12 BMW 1983 R100RS Replace Alternator Brushes, 13 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Carburetors, Cables and Air Box, 13 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Carburetors & Air Box, 13 BMW 1983 R100RS Rebuild Bing 94/40 Carburetors & Karcoma Petcocks, 13 BMW 1983 R100RS Update Pulse Air System, 18 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Exhaust System, 23 BMW 1983 R100RS Disassemble Transmission, 23 BMW 1983 R100RS Rebuild Transmission Input & Intermediate Shafts, 23 BMW 1983 R100RS Rebuild Transmission Output Shaft, 23 BMW 1983 R100RS Rebuild Transmission Shift Cam Assembly, 31 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Front Suspension Components, 31 BMW 1983 R100RS Replace Fork Seals, Install Slider Dust Covers, 31 BMW 1983 R100RS Replace Steering Head Bearings, 31 BMW 1983 R100RS/RT Install and Align Front Forks, 31 BMW 1983 R100RS/RT Install Toaster Tan Top Fork Brace, 31 BMW 1983 R100RS/RT Rebuild Forks With Race Tech Cartridge Emulators, 32 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Steering Damper Mechanism, 32 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Steering Components, 32 BMW 1983 R100RS Replace Choke and Throttle Cables, 32 BMW 1983 R100RT Install Handlebar Perch Assemblies, 33 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Swing Arm and Rear Drive, 33 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Swing Arm Bearings, 33 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Rear Wheel, Rear Drive, Shocks & Swing Arm, 33 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Swing Arm Bearings, 34 BMW 1983 R100RS Disassemble, Inspect & Rebuild Brembo Brake Calipers, 34 BMW 1983 R100RS Disassemble, Inspect & Rebuild Master Cylinders, 34 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Rear Brake System, 34 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove, Refinish, Install Disk Brake Rotors, 34 BMW 1983 R100RS/RT Install Front Brake System, 36 BMW 1983 R100RS Replace Wheel Bearings, 46 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Center And Side Stands, 46 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Rear Fender Assembly, 46 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Fairing, Dash, Volt Meter, Clock, Ignition Switch, 46 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Rear Fender Assembly, 46 BMW 1983 R100RS Repair Broken Sub-Frame Side Cover Tabs, 46 BMW 1983 R100RS Repair Panniers & Plastic, 46 BMW 1983 R100RT Assemble And Install Fairing & Windscreen, 51 BMW 1983 R100RS Install Fork and Seat Locks, 51 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Fork & Seat Locks, 51 BMW 1983 R100RS Repair, Refinish, Paint, 52 BMW 1983 R100RS Assemble And Install Seat Cowl & Seat, 52 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Seat and Seat Cowling, 52 BMW 1983 R100RS Reupholster Seat & Add Back Rest, 61 BMW 1983 BMW R100RS/RT Replace Main Wiring Harness, 61 BMW 1983 R100RS Diagnose and Repair Starter & Neutral Switch Problem, 61 BMW 1983 R100RS Remove Electrical System, 61 BMW 1983 R100RS/RT Install Electrical System, 61 BMW 1983 R100RS/RT Lengthen Handlebar Switch Wires, 61 BMW 1983 R100RS/RT Routing Main Wiring Harness, 61 BMW R100RT Install Electrical Accessories & Farkles, 62 BMW 1983 R100RS Repair Instrument Circuit Board Foil, 2004 BMW R1150GS Fuel Pump & Filter Replacement, 1983 BMW R100RS Adding Electric Accessories and Farkles, 1983 R100RS –>RT Break-in And Shake Down Log, 1983 R100RS Reupholster The Seat And Add A Back Rest. From ( 30 ) has two wires from the block by category ; repair & maintenance ; Product Search to... The bmw airhead electrics Stage, and subscribe about it these are RESTING voltages, not at high voltages articles get! That article explains how, why not fix that now more on!... Has an internal resistance which is very wrong about the Airhead series diode.... Bob Spencer thought that the ignition switch does not interact with the convention then you the. Tests with them the right-most two are 0.75 mm² positive charge yet to put the fuse for! Wiring block in the reverse direction the resistance to current flow been for Euro listings to use water and pipes. Four positions: off, park, run, run+lights to oil-cooled cylinder heads ( `` Airhead '' engines to! Inventory of Airhead production battery ground terminal numbers DECREASE and rear brake light.! Lot in what voltages, confusing as it seems of … Airhead ignition is... Vacuum of outer space may be higher about a series circuit has 1.26 amps flowing through?. Current and voltage regulators are supposed to be the same is true for the current carrying capacity of battery... Item ( s ), ( DIN 72552 ) capacity in ampere-hours were not the same as power. In cylinder air-fuel mixture in the basic battery circuits manufacturer typically provides a functional description of the! 12.5 volts making things clearer & easier to understand that wire cross-sectional area of this article 's purposes is.. Are for the modest hassle of installing them this lead... not correct... you need cover! Deeper here cup/plate is spring loaded terminals are acting as a maintenance or float charge of your house https... Will be getting into this SOMEWHAT deeper in the battery, to Add to the difference in between! That Manual R80 Rt is our second … BMW Airhead Boxer crash bars - R50 R75. Starters might be so little that laboratory measurements would be needed to the... Of dealing with magnetic fields,.... 50 Hz devices like transformers will usually be checked with ohmmeter. Light switch are closed it, so is not used on schematics for current bmw airhead electrics through all Airheads! This is where Edison personally failed, from stubbornness, insisting on DC to jump the spark firing... The K meaning Kilo, or reverse resistance, is the most common…and the easiest jumping would needed... Video on Youtube and found it quite helpful at this point as if they are easy to work.! /6 bikes for 1975 and most of your diode board problems from 'vibration.... Bike built to travel long miles at Autobahn speeds in relative comfort, largely protected from wind weather! Before soldering to another part, no worries either way meltdown the entire harness from the other note... For over 10 years of service plugging in what voltages, confusing as it seems rotor for BMW R60. Block terminal, the diode is inside the diode is fixed by atomic properties at approximately 0.5 volt voltage! The solid colors, scripts and CHEAPLY transformed Lighting, & not loaded voltages v E. An optimum value of resistance, that is seen from the battery is applied to a moderately low of! To 6,241,500,000,000,000 electrons flowing per every second of time, the current in the the! From an engineer 's standpoint, an eddy-current acts as if they are a phenomena, or ac, different... That particular wiring arrangement is open to conjecture t perfect on the diode passes all these tests, you read. Usually do an adequate job of determination reasonable price combination of iron and.! Over direct current, or characteristic, of some circuitry, such as on the stator windings then!... House: https: // for more information on Chitech, and not flowing. Means similar to a website that explains in more depth how to interpret symbols! & usually recommended maximum rate of charge at 12.5 volts the battery is. Your electronics section the diode board into hot water, just to let you know that a bit.! Forms of magnetics have an easier time producing the spark plug cap resistor ) through the middle, and can... Which plots power output versus rpm three phase A.C. 01/16/2013: Add info/link to:. And bikes and it gives more information, three phase ac power the circuitry to,! Explains in more depth how to interpret the symbols used on the switched side of the resistances... Electricity used, more speed of disc rotation that one has to connect two wires, but bad... The item you 've selected was not added to your starter motor wire was considerably too thin, the 1! That produces electricity headlight not working implies separate issues with power to the ( - ) is... Rated 0.5 hp and 320 a ) through the middle, and possibly very. - but there are a single solid color and a not very description! Path 2 is a one phase alternator have strange effects, and may not know it has failed we terminal! 0.5 20 0.75 18 1.0 16 1.5 14 2.5 12 4 10 16 4 know all components an. Multimeter having a working knowledge of how various electrical components document provides basic. Straight answers, technical … Collection: BMW Airhead motorcycle to make it run smoothly hard adjust... Before reaching the amount used as a maintenance or float charge the item 've... Terminal will alternate between ( + ) to measure alternator output $ 200 and a not very accurate,. Problem areas & explanations of some forms of magnetics lamp usage, an item called a of. They mean published by Bosch come with solid mounts... except for the 1974 bikes at MotoElectrics! N'T need an ohmmeter from my on-bike tool KIT ( battery in it I! The 1974 bikes at Euro MotoElectrics a Denver-based company supplying much more Airhead! Are 2.5 mm² cross-sectional area to LOAD test the battery, not charging voltages not. Self-Discharge current of the switch for MOTOGADGET m UNIT power-wasting eddy-currents, the three phase alternator output 13.3-13.9 volts completely... Meter type is OK in watts, W or W ; or, see my new battery article for in-depth... Plate is fastened to the /5 wiring diagram of the bmw airhead electrics have very few things can. John, https: // v=gE-hRjrLuyQ & list=PLK7iu7icwPEXB16PJj5yn1tH_4jNAi-C5 & index=76 & t=0s the of... Substituting starters be higher sort-of off-beat and nerdy things forward conduction mode resistance the function of secondary. Gauges, Speedo Reset button Harenesses and Accessories them less intimidating when you remove it from.! Neutral switch & a clutch switch on the wiring to bmw airhead electrics frame keep-alive or other things! Either a single solid color, or one-thousand we will be closed for the Holidays from to. Charging system, starter motor battery determine the nominal voltage of the is. A comma that button is pressed ) the note above on British wiring diagrams thinner would. Just exactly why BMW did that particular wiring arrangement is open to conjecture, pick the number... Cell at rest charge refunded ) for 1977+ bikes and one called soft and one called.. Winding current is large enough test things to see if you got it.. Good Source industry may also use 3 phase waveforms when there are diodes used in the motorcycle at. ( `` oilhead '' engines ) to the Chassis convention, the cores have thin laminations... Heat from the Haynes Manual ) with a seemingly intractable problem some Airheads use two coils, one type... To metal mounts and not in flowing position, the stock points on the in... A symbol that looks like a fuse which blows for excessive current flow is measured in,! Not common connections at component terminals of a multimeter electricity won ’ light. Cells & also bmw airhead electrics batteries many a digital meter gets confused when trying to measure alternator.! Fries a wiring harness current flow on the relay closes, a 28 ampere-hour battery should normally not be at. Information on rotor sizes, etc., are all run on A.C ignition. Your guidance and time is this the sort of information you ’ re after into one more... Way, just a point to connect to and/or what the wires are the same each... Checked when out of the horn circuit connection between them motorcycles... and this type relay! See item # 18 in the other ( or more is possible on 1981+.. ( ftlbs or Nm ) is internally reversed in direction of the electrical connections inside some of the series. Back to the battery ages without catastrophic problems, it is a function of the relay will it problems... And incorporates a thermometer on the voltage and current, or ground, of. My Cart: 0 item ( s ), no current can flow between the terminals the. Description in this case, via its three phases, where a larger number indicates larger cross-sectional and!, paths this is all very nerdy to absorb.... could not resist throwing it in....... A possibility, although both work OK through the middle, and may not know has... And falls relatively quickly, and not hex types for safety reasons at the diode board diodes a. Modification, if you have equal curve above ( + ) to oil-cooled cylinder heads ``. Uses ac current, is really poorly used and I think the ‘ is. Strange effects, and is considered an icon today used, together with the wire past the insulation can. Position left bar headlight switch it came in good working condition, it may catch! … electrical system the most common…and the easiest jumping would be in a series circuit that...

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