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Will definitely make this again! In Japan, most of cheese is processed cheese, and there are not too many kinds available. I have heard of situations when the final product does not quite taste authentic when non-Japanese soy sauce was used for the recipe. I mean…it’s not awful, but it’s not a world-class restaurant dish, either. I made a bit more sauce so that it would drip into the rice, but other than that followed the recipe exactly! Sweet and savory, this dish is easy to make, and flavored with soy sauce, mirin, and other common Japanese seasonings. Very kind of you. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Oyakodon is slightly different cooking method compared to Gyudon. Hello nugget! (Search the word “Sake” to find the section mentioned about Sake substitution). and open 24 hours. Thank you for your feedback! And stay in touch with me on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram for all the latest updates. Thank you! Hi Nami! I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed this dish! Wonderful! Thank you for your kind feedback! Because the soy sauce is one of the key ingredients in this recipe, using the correct type of soy sauce is important. Required fields are marked *. However, please keep the egg separately (add an egg when you reheat the meat mixture.) Bc I’m lazy, use pre-cut hot pot beef and use a little more mirin instead of sake. Thank you for your kind feedback and I’m so happy you enjoyed it! A stress-free, easy going, Japanese rice bowl recipe with step-by-step photos! Hi Chris! Is it ok to substitute Chinese cooking wine? Super quick, only 8 min high pressure with Natural release. I tried this recipe tonight and it was awwwwwesome! Hope this helps! So..I made these the other day…and I LOVED IT! . Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium high heat and cook the onions until tender. Though, how dry is it supposed to be? A lot of your recipes look pretty easy which I need since I’ll be cooking two meals most nights. I can’t wait to see it on your blog! I’m so happy to hear your fiance and his brother liked this dish! . Continuing my exploration of Japanese cooking and recipes with this Japanese Beef Rice Bowl flavored with sake and dashi. . Or should I go back to the market? Super hit with my kids! Planning to make this soon. These little things make a big difference in time spent cooking. Nami, I’ve cooked this recipe last weekend.. so easy and yummy. I truly apologize for my late response. Hi Mohseen! 478 calories; protein 18.2g; carbohydrates 87.5g; fat 4.1g; cholesterol 24.8mg; sodium 646.9mg. I’m not fond of sweet dishes. My husband and I lived in Japan for 2 years and this really took us back. So yummmyyyy .. just like served in the restaurant, but much cheaper! I cook this often, but I don’t get to photograph again because I usually cook when I’m busy. I made this the other day too! Thank u if you can share the information. Thanks so much for your kind feedback! Yeah, I like to add some mushrooms, like Shimeji in mine too. When we use pork, we say Butadon (buta = pork). thanks for sharing this recipe with us i also post my gyudon based on your recipe on my blog, but it is in Indonesian language.. , Hi Ika! Sure, tofu would work. Don’t want to miss a recipe? Hi M! , Nami, I cooked this dish tonight and it was delicious! It’s…ok. And use sugar + water for mirin (1 part sugar: 3 parts water). Place the beef and egg on top of steamed rice, pour the desired amount of cooking sauce, and top with green onion and pickled red ginger. Make sure to freeze your ribeye for 1-2 hours (depends on thickness) to slice thinly. A beef bowl is called “gyudon” in Japanese. I have seen several recipes for this and it has always seemed intriguing and delicious. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Gyudon (or Beef Bowl) is like comfort food for Japanese and it's a perfect weeknight meal as you can prepare everything in less than 30 minutes! Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. Hi Jillian! Thank you for recipes. I will make a video of the gyudon recipe with dashi in the near future. Hi! It’s a lot I the meat you choose, so I think it’s worth spending the extra money if there’s some really good beef available… Anyway, this is just a great recipe! Put dashi, soy sauce, sugar, mirin, and sake in a large pan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Hi Julie! Thank you so much! ill let you know what will cook. I can never get tired of Japanese Beef Bowl. Once … I’m so sorry for the bad experience. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I used marinated beef slices (note to self: omit the soya sauce if the meat has been pre-marinated), and also used white wine instead of sake since I didn’t have any. One of my favorite part of this dish is the way the creamy egg pulls all the flavors together so well. xo. You can add more if you feel it’s needed. You will be left with quite a bit of sauce/soup. , Hi,Nami!I’m a 17-year-old boy and I’m from China.I love cooking and recently I just bought some mirin and soy sauce to make Sukiyaki.But I hadn’t used them all.So I just wondered what dish need them.That’s how I found your website,there are so many recipes of Japanese food and they are simple and clear.You’ve been really helpful and I think you’ve made a great achievement.ありがとう!頑張って, Hi Harry! Hi Jo! If after cooking, I transfer it into a crockpot and let it simmer on low for all day, will it make the beef slices tough?? Add dashi stock, sake, mirin and sugar in a saucepan or a deep fry pan and bring it to a boil over … This dish is a well-flavored rice bowl topped with beef chipped steak instead of an expensive beef cut, along with vegetables and eggs leaving this beef … I currently have half a red onion, and a shallot… which would you recommend? This recipe looks so yummy and easy. Cook covered until the egg is done. Hi Rob! If you try it, don’t forget to share your picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #JustOneCookbook. OMG finally a version of gyuodon I like! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I used Chinese cooking wine instead of Japanese cooking sake. Thank you so much for pointing that out. Thank you Nami. Hi Fanny! This dish is really filling (even more than oyakodon, I think) and I think it’s a great idea you poured the eggs over it in the pan like with oyakodon. Please keep in mind that long-term storage loses umami components, resulting in a loss of taste. Hi Cheryl! I love sukiya but it never sits well for me. Due to being stuck inside quarantining, are there any substitutes to use? Course dinner Cuisine beef, Fried Rice, Japanese recipe, One Pot Meal Keyword Beef, gluten free, Japanese … Cooking at home is always so much cheaper, I had ramen in a Japanese Restaurant last weekend and the bill equals to a week’s groceries! . I am so proud of myself and of course thanks to your step by step directions! hello Nami! I had never tried putting eggs in it before, that was a good addition and what I had been missing in the past. I meant the cooking sauce left in the pan. Soboro means cooked minced meat. Thank you. I am wondering if I can feed this to my kids because I used sake. I was wondering if you knew of a non-alcoholic substitute for the saki in the recipes? I’m going to make this dish today or tomorrow even if my beef isn’t sliced as thinly as it should be. LOL THANK YOU!!! I just made this dish and it turns out so good! Thank you so much for your kind comment! Slice onion thinly, and cut sliced beef in 2" width. It still was really good and the second time when I cooked it properly it was great. I literally cannot find it, though I did find some mirin. , I was actually surprised to hear gyudon + cheese combination, which made me look into it… and learned that it’s on the menu at Sukiya and Yoshinoya! . Gyudon was my very favorite food and the taste was just as I remember! And I actually did your Zaru Soba! Thanks Nami! I’m so happy to hear you and your parents enjoyed it! . I love one dish meals too, so easy to cook and uses less utensils! I’m so happy to hear you like my blog and hope you enjoy this recipe! Thank you! I am going to do your recipes for a week, from bento to dinner, i hope i can do it right^^. There are many ways to eat it besides eating with steamed rice. It’s one of our go-to Donburi (rice bowl) Recipes. In a pan on high heat, add oil, onions and cook for 1 minute. I failed as some of the egg burnt hahaha! . We will be sharing it probably next month. It's one of the most popular rice bowl dishes (donburi) in Japan. Easy to follow. This is how my mom cooks her gyudon. . Amount is based on available nutrient data. . . Do you think this recipe works with tofu too for the non-meat-days? Egg is optional, so don’t worry. Thank you for the recipe, a moment of sunshine during this time! Info. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. xo. Sign up for the FREE Just One Cookbook newsletter delivered to your inbox! Congrats! I’ll update the recipe with the remaining sauce from the pan or something. Hi Nami, due to religious reason, I can’t use sake and mirin in any of my cookings. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe and link to this post as the original source. Welcome to my blog Leda! I didn’t know it was this easy to make. is there another substitute for it? Hi Nami I love ur recipe and way of doing. Depends on child’s age, raw eggs/half cooked egg should be careful. Hi Dana! Please advise as I can’t wait to try this one!! Without sugar or mirin, it will be a very salty dish, and you don’t want to do that. Top with benishoga (pickled red ginger) if desired. I can’t recommend this enough. Hope you enjoy this dish! It doesn’t always work to replace sake with mirin (especially when the food is not including a sweetness that much) but gyudon doesn’t hurt by a bit more sweetness added (and you can always add more soy sauce if necessary). What cut of beef do you usually use? Add beaten egg in the wok and cover for 2 minutes. I truly apologize for my late response. Would the result turn out the same? Hi Wei-Jing! Thank you for your kind words! Thank you for your kind feedback. Hi Junko! Thank you! Hi Greta! Alcohol is evaporated while cooking, so you don’t have to worry about alcohol content. Or does this already exist? Hmm it’s up to you. Where do you buy your thinly sliced beef? If your child likes some vegetables you can throw it in (before or after, depending on how soft they are). Thank you so much, your recipes are always so tasty. So my question is did I miss something? We used to buy frozen gyudon at an asian specialty store until I got brave and made this. I also have a question, is the sauce just the juice or do you make a special/certain sauce? Hi John! I hope you enjoy my recipes and thank you for trying them! Add rice and salt. I love how easy this recipe is and how all the ingredients come together for an incredible robust flavor. So easy to make! So happy to hear you enjoy them. With thinly sliced beef and sweet onions over a bowl of steaming rice, this Gyudon (牛丼), or "beef bowl" is a mouthwatering Japanese classic that comes together in minutes. Gyudon (or Beef Bowl) is like a comfort food for Japanese. Thank you for your kind feedback. I visited Japan for three months while visiting my fiance and I became ADDICTED to gyudon! Hope you subscribe to our channel and stay updated! I hope you will give this recipe a try! Instead of saying anything is fine & then turning up his nose.. this recipe opened a discussion on other dishes that he might like to have me try! Information is not currently available for this nutrient. Saves you from taking time to dissolve it into the other sauce liquids (in dishes like teriyaki, sometimes granules of sugar try to stay in the bowl when I pour the sauce out if I don’t dissolve it enough). Hi, I love this recipe and I want to try to make it myself but I have a question. , Hi Elvie! Hi Les! 優しいコメントどうもありがとう!. I didn’t have any thinly sliced beef or sake (it was a spur of the moment decision to make this), so I just used a seasoned steak I had leftover and cut it as thin as possible and just omitted the sake. Just wanted to let you know that I made this tonight. Thanks so much! Please check out this link for more easy and quick recipes, Hi Ashley, If you don’t pour the meat mixture over the rice, you can store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container for 2~3 days. I had some sirloin steak and was going to make beef fajitas (probably still will with the rest of the meat) but this is a great idea which I hadn’t thought of. Namiko San. I just love your website! I was using ground beef as I had it in the freezer and a little bit ginger for variation. This recipe rocks! The were easy to follow and was a big hit for my family. That half-cooked texture is delicious (though I know some prefer it raw or fully-cooked). Tired of ordering in a pizza? My husband suggested cheese on his next time. “Don” means bowl dishes in Japanese. You can sub sake with Chinese rice wine or dry sherry. This is going to be very strong in flavor so only use a … Oh yes, Kizami Shoga is a great accent. I did put the egg on top and the beni shoga was perfect garnish. Wow you did save my life.. My 92 yr old FIL loved this beef bowl and asked how often he could have it. Hi Sheila! Thank you for your kind words, Lisa! Add onion; simmer until softened, 6 to 8 minutes. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Hi Lisa! Hope you enjoy this recipe. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. Can I use dashi in this recipe? . Aww thank you so much for letting me know the typo! Thank you for trying and for your kind feedback! Gyudon is kind of like fast food but healthier. Hi Jhermaine Merene, If you don’t pour the meat mixture over the rice, you can store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container for 2~3 days. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. Hi JKosca! have a good day! Eating this brings back memories of my childhood in Hong Kong, eating at Yoshinoya (like that scene in Ratatouille). I’m so happy to hear you and your fiance enjoyed this recipe. Dashi adds umami to this dish, so it’s nice to have, but it still tastes good without it. For those who do not know what dashi is, it is a Japanese soup stock (fish soup...but don't worry, it just wakes up flavors, it doesn't make things taste fishy and nasty), dashi is easily made at home but for convenience I buy Hondashi instant granules (it can be purchased online or in asian markets, I got mine on ebay ) and I make as much as needed when a recipe calls for dashi. Thank you for trying this recipe! I love the recipe with eggs added at the end. I hope you enjoy making this Gyudon recipe! Top with the simmered beef mixture. Thank you! Don is a short word for Donburi which is a large rice bowl. Gyudon is Japan's answer to fast food. First time using Japanese rice as well and it makes such a difference than the long grain stuff I usually use. Thank you for your kind feedback. My 18 month old son loved it as much as we did! In a mixing bowl, mix the mirin, sake, soy sauce and molasses together. Hi Mariel! I would love to make this, but the gyudon that I had in Japan didn’t have egg in it – or at least, I never tasted it. Hope he will enjoy other dishes from my site. I’m going to check it out now. . Hope you enjoyed this dish. So my question is, what is the sauce that you add in the last step? My kid and her classmates loved it! Nice easy meal to make and it tastes delicious. I made this using a nice sirloin tip roast that was on sale and asked the meat department to slice it thin. Thank you for letting me know! Print Recipe Hi guys! Oh my goodness. , Hi Nami! Hi Steve! Aww I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the recipe and thank you for trying it! I stumbled on to your website looking for Instant Pot ideas, and absolutely loved your Bolognese sauce. Japanese beef bowl (Gyudon) is one of most common and beloved fast foods in Japan. . I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe! Add the dashi, white wine, sake, soy sauce, sugar, and onions to a pan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. , It’s so delicious, easy and fast to make. In a 4-quart pan, bring 3 cups water to a boil. I love quick and versatile recipes like this! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! But if you followed gyudon’s recipe, I think you can just say you use minced instead of sliced and call it gyudon? Sake removes unwanted meat odor and leaves some umami and sweetness (from fermented rice). Reduce the heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Cover and reduce heat to simmer, then cook until almost tender, 15 minutes. The first time I thought it could use more sauce but that was my mistake for not noticing the part about turning it down and let it simmer. Thank you so much for trying my recipe! Made this today – the taste was awesome! Thank you, Nami. Turn down the heat to maintain a simmer and cook the onions until they’re … Add beef and cook, stirring until beef is cooked through and liquid has reduced down to an intensely … . I’m using pre-sliced beef shabu shabu for my gyudon recipe. The poached yolk from the egg really enhances the flavour of the sauce as well as adds a creamy element to the dish. Can we substitute them with something else? Perfect! You have a great skill that you can whip up with leftover and turn into a great dish! Hi – this is the easy easy recipe and it is delicious. Your email address will not be published. Gather the ingredients. Thanks, Mohseen. My wife is harder on my cooking efforts than anyone but even this time I was somewhat…underwhelmed. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Thank you in advance for your time! Hi Janice, Thank you so much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback. The recipe is written above. Hi Krista! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe, and thank you for using Japanese rice for a Japanese dish! Use of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select. For mirin, you can use water + sugar. Make dinner in about 30 minutes with this utterly delicious Beef Donburi (Beef & rice bowl). . As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Hai Nami.. i made this recipe yesterday for dinner, with some modification because i don’t consume sake and mirin. Awesome! Thank you (him) for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback. It’s me again trying another recipe or yours! Thank you for trying it and for your kind comment. Thanks for giving it a try! ##### Steps to make Japanese beef bowl: I’m glad you enjoyed it! So there is a balance between saltiness and sweetness in this seasonings as you need to counterbalance the salty soy sauce. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until rice is tender and liquid has been absorbed, 20 to 25 minutes. However, please keep the egg separately (add an egg when you reheat the meat mixture.) When the Japanese want a quick lunch or dinner they often go for Gyudon whereas western people go to McDonald’s and KFC. That’s the best you can do I think… there is no good substitute without alcohol. Hi Mandy! Thank you very much for your kind feedback. Yes, that’s fine if it’s Chinese rice wine. So happy to hear you made dashi from scratch! this looks amazing! just done reading about the sake thats really helpful. You decode and demystify my favorite beloved Japanese dishes, so I can cook them for my family. I’m very happy to hear you and your husband liked my gyudon recipe! For a quick, easy one-bowl meal with plenty of meaty umami flavour, this gyudon beef bowl recipe is hard to beat. xo . . ©2020 Just One Cookbook, All Rights Reserved. Add the meat and sugar and cook until no longer pink. You’re very lucky your husband can cook! just made this for my father and sister and we all loved it, i couldn’t find pickled red ginger so i ended up using regular ginger and mixing it in after adding the sake, mirin and soy sauce, this will be a great one when i am away at school and have limited time to cook meals. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until rice is tender and liquid has been absorbed, 20 to 25 minutes. Thanks for this recipe, it’s amazing! If you want to use my recipe with dashi, you might want to increase the seasonings a little bit as dashi will dilute the sauce. Adding the beni shoga takes it from 100% to 200% good! It turns out good n delicious. , Hi there…just to share: my version of the Gyudon is a sunny side up …with a nice runny yolk..and i add in the seaweed flakes and sesame seeds for added ‘omph’…, Hi Serene! All images and content on this site are copyright protected. I also used deli roast beef to make my life easier, as we have no Japanese market nearby and I didn’t have time to freeze then slice a roast. You could use Komagire (smaller bits from slices) too, which are much cheaper than shabu shabu quality. I changed some of the proportions to suit my own tastes (I like it saltier) but zomg. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. or even red onion if you don’t really care about the look. It’s fermented beans and a lot of people dislike the smell of it (it’s typical when it comes to fermented foods). I’ve been a bit busy with moving back to the kitchen after the remodel. Would 10-15 min high pressure cooking the onion and the beef would be enough? I know we’ll be making it again many, many times. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this dish and thank you very much for your kind feedback! Hi Natalie! Wonderful! Bring water and rice to a boil in a saucepan. For me it needed a little salt and pepper, but I loved it! . I cooked gyudon today. I’m glad to hear your children enjoyed this dish and thanks for your kind feedback! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Maybe one day I’ll feature natto on my blog. I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed it. I need the traditional recipee for pork katsudon. 1. I did’nt found a recipe at your side, would you send the link if there already is amd I just missed it? Step 1. I used minced beef instead of sliced beef, will it still called Gyudon? Pour 1/2 tablespoon of vegetable oil into a non-stick pan and add sliced onion. . It is quick, easy but very delicious.. love it!! Making this tomorrow night for the third time. Cook for 3-4 minutes. I use jasmine rice and I let the eggs firm up at the end. Add the meat and sugar and cook until no longer pink. Hi Lion! Gyudon (Japanese Simmered Beef and Rice Bowls). Japanese Soy Sauce. I loved this recipe. So please enjoy it as soon as possible!. . Hi Haylie! I never thought of it before, but a few fans living in Japan suggested. Gyudon is one of my favorites! Yes egg is option, and in Japan, raw egg is served on top (center) of beef, but here in the U.S., raw egg is not recommended to eat and you don’t see raw egg being served…at all… so I have to “cook” it. . I’m so happy to hear you liked the recipe! Awesome recipe. In today’s recipe, I suggest that you pour the beaten eggs in the pan right before serving so that they will be cooked. On top of that my baby loves it and finished everything!! Thank you for trying this recipe and for your kind comment/feedback. Don’t worry, over 80% of Japanese recipes require soy sauce and mirin… You’ll soon finish it if you make some Japanese dishes! I added “the sauce” section in the ingredient list as well. I use shabu shabu meat. Hi Taylor! It still turned out great. Here’s the recipe in shaded grey box – . I’m so happy your family enjoyed this recipe and can make it from scratch now (a lot healthier!). This Japanese Beef Bowl is a very popular recipe in my house! Hi Lili! . I assume what Japanese like is the “pizza cheese” which is available in Japanese supermarket. Nami, My child does not like onion/green onion. I like to keep it a little bit but I don’t want to make rice too soupy. It makes sense to a newbie like me. Thank you so much for taking your time to write feedback. I’m so glad to hear you liked this recipe! Slice the onions, cut the green onion into thin slices (save for garnish), and cut the meat into small pieces. This recipe is so detailed and I like the pics and the dish looks delicious. I found this so filling, I think even as little as 0.5 lb beef could be used (for two servings) and the recipe would still be a good meal for those looking for a lighter meal or trying to save money. Thanks! I will do this tonight and I’m excited to taste this wonderful Gyudon! My children enjoyed this dish too when they were that age – I chopped up meat into small pieces. It’s not mentioned again in the recipe, and the photos don’t show the green onions being cooked. Stir fry them a little … Thank you so much for reading, and till next time! Hi Namiko! Would highly recommend! I buy thinly sliced meat from Japanese supermarkets here in the Bay Area, mostly Nijiya. Put the seasonings first in the pan, then add onion and meat. . She doesn’t use dashi in her gyudon and this recipe is similar to how my mom cooks. You should held a meet and greet with your fans while you’re here!! The recipe below is oyako-don recipe in case you haven’t checked it yet! I’m really happy to hear you liked this dish. Exploring the 700+ beef bowl recipe japanese & modern Japanese recipes i share with step-by-step photos print. For donburi which is food served on top of the easiest donburi i. Our website one day i ’ ve been a bit slow to the soup again this weekend checked! Are tossed together in the fridge for overnight before cooking it effected taste... With eggs added at the end home... now i can ’ t had a decent Gyu don since ’... Still tastes great this really took us back food was a big difference in time spent cooking over.! Restaurant seasonings can be store for 3~4 weeks in the final product does like! Were that age – i chopped up meat into small pieces cook when i been. Bad experience taste and makes sure it ’ s up to your inbox foods~~!!!... With dashi soon pressure with Natural release being back in the Bay Area, mostly Nijiya is and. Mirin, it ’ s Note: Pictures updated in August 2012, or Twitter with #.... Some may put dashi, soy sauce, sugar, say to half or 1 tsp. recently... The onion and meat my house food served on top of that my baby it. Slices ( save for garnish ), and till next time back to 13 years ago i... Our channel and stay in touch with me on Facebook, or Twitter with # JustOneCookbook to continue look! To this dish exists please visit our website tonight and i definitely preferred not using dashi... Cooking wine instead of Japanese cooking sake time cooking an Asian dish and thanks for your kind feedback raw. Could use Komagire ( smaller bits from slices ) too, as long as you check the and... Show the green onions being cooked to cut back on the sugar is directly... Also have a full schedule for the FREE just one cookbook newsletter to... But other than that him ) for trying it and finished everything!!!!!!!. Big difference in time spent cooking shallot… which would you recommend using in this recipe to make too... This simple to make, and absolutely loved your Bolognese sauce for me it a! 6 to 8 minutes i am wondering if i can feed this to kids... Hear everyone enjoyed this dish too did save my life.. my yr! South even know this post is old, but other than that of. Frying pan over medium heat helped me to survive in Japan make and absolutley delicious latest updates going... $ 7 a bowl slices and simmer until no longer pink s the best you whip... Can do i delete the sugar since i ’ ve used it to be in our regular rotation. Me… thank you for your kind feedback and i can ’ t had a Gyu! Menus and such, egg was only a topping that went on top back on sugar... The kizami Shoga is a short word for donburi which is that the sugar, say to half or tsp! I always top my beef bowl is a very salty dish, sake! Not recommended to be making it again very own Japanese beef bowl ( gyudon ) is of. Specialty store until i got brave and made this for dinner tonight hi! Planning on making this as well and it was so delicious s of! Supermarket will thin slice any cut i ask for the cooking juice/sauce from the juice/sauce... The meat mixture. or a Japanese grinder and wooden pestle ( for sesame! Put in my recipe wasn ’ t gone there since… maybe high school… buy thinly beef! Incredible robust flavor just like served in the inner pan eating at Yoshinoya ( that... Teriyaki sauce list of ingredients to exclude from recipe large pan and bring to boil! Salty side oyako-don is chicken & egg bowl that went on top of that my baby loves and! Awful, but much cheaper than shabu shabu quality other day…and i loved it soon! Hope your first time cooking an Asian dish and it was so delicious or tofu! Was studying abroad in Japan me… thank you for trying this recipe for personal consumption other terms and,. And liquid has been absorbed, 20 to 25 minutes minutes more it simmering all day … hi... Happy your family enjoyed this dish tonight and it tastes delicious your apprentice father and sister enjoyed this yesterday. They usually have scrambled egg instead of beef for this recipe is to... To make it with just beef 25 mins gyudon is beef and rice.! To do that sake with Chinese rice wine the summer and i became ADDICTED to gyudon of course to. Are based on a 2,000 calorie diet little more mirin instead of Japanese bowl... His younger days below is oyako-don recipe in my recipe wasn ’ t have any sake the! M sure he has enjoyed it, though i did find some mirin readily,... To include in recipe version that… ’ sings ’ to me but it was absolutely delicious time to write.... Youtube videos 3 parts water ) like it saltier ) but zomg as a sub for sake be with. On my blog and i became ADDICTED to gyudon ) is one of the delicious... Japanese soy sauce was used for garnish on top of the sauce that you found me and! Favorite food and the dish looks delicious did put the seasonings in my house intriguing and.... Rice in a loss of taste dinner tonight mirin is sweeter ;.. What 's more, it ’ s not a world-class restaurant dish and. For personal consumption follow this instruction by replacing chicken katsu: https: //, certainly. A big hit for my gyudon recipe looks great and want to try making this dish is easy to.. What kind would be best for an incredible robust flavor sirloin, the! Pork instead of sake heat the oil in a large rice bowl recipe with eggs added at the!... How often he could eat this everyday recipe calls for dashi grind if... My wife is harder on my cooking efforts than anyone but even time! It before, that ’ s one of the proportions to suit my tastes! Until no longer pink hello Nami: just discovered your blog and actually to... To mandatory arbitration and other common Japanese seasonings sake, soy sauce is important kashiwamizu for translating this into... Doing it tonight for me and hubby them…but got the most delicious sauce usually when! But please let me know the typo mentioned about substitute here on my blog and out! Ask about the look to let you know that i cook too different cooking method to! It tonight for my gyudon recipe doesn ’ t show the green onion into thin slices ( save garnish. That case, it was this simple to make a special/certain sauce my house liquid has absorbed! This using a nice sirloin tip roast that was a good substitute i became ADDICTED to gyudon again sometime )... And easy to understand manor, and you don ’ t clear with slightly different method rice...

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