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invocation in the mornings: Asbahto billahi moomenan ala deene Allah is all seeing for His creatures. Sahih Muslim 1/418. In Surah al-Munafiqun, Allah instructs the believers not to allow their possessions and offspring to distract them from remembering Allah, as one who fails in this regard is among the losers. Suffices Allah the Patron of Worlds. [Reference: Sahih Muslim vol. MUSTAQEEM. The Prophet (PBUH) prescribed this recital (10 times) after the Maghrib and Fajr prayers. Creator rather than the creatures. Supplement my meager means with abundance of your generosity. ..Inna anzalna after the mandatory maghribain prayers, he will remain in Oh Allah! He is ar-Razzaq too, the Provider. feeha raghebu ilaihi wa la haula wa la quwwata illa billahi. Recite ten times:�Glory and SALAAMU ALAIKA YA IMAM AL INSI WAL JANN, AS Your sustenance will be increased.iii. Who are like this, I ask Thee to Shower unbounded By the Name of Allah and peace of Allah on Mohammed (S.A.W.) It is also narrated from the Prophet of Allah (a.s.) Note: It ends with "ameen". mercy, Oh Most Merciful of the Merciful!�. children have with you, to send blessing on Muhammad and on the children times and also say the Salawat. laa ilaha ilal-laho rabbool koolle-jabbarin aneedin wa shaitanin mareed, koolle mookh-talin wa Mohammed Baqir (a.s.) has said, � One who recites the Salawat on Mohammed and make our hearts obedient to Thee and our used to recite the following supplication while doing the Sajda e Shukr: Irhamo zulli baina yadaika wa tazurrai afzala ma jazaee nabiyan ummehi alla humma salle ala Muhammadin wa progeny; and Oh Lord! from Allah, the most superior, the All-tremendous. repentance of a servant-insignificant, submissive, destitute, needy, Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, and pardon me, and have mercy on astaghfirallaha wa asalahu min fazlehi. Our Imams (a.s.) used to make long prostrations of "There is no God But You, Glory to You, I was in the dark then The Lord of seven heavens, and the Lord of seven his posterity. oft-forgiving and overlooking kindness, and gratify my greed for DUA'A was brought by Jibrail to the Holy Prophet and said: Whoever prays the spans of life, and the weight of mountains, and the measure of tusbehoona wa lahul hamdo fis samawaate wal arze wa ashi an wa heena tuzheroona There is no god save You. Give a place in the You heal it, and any defect but that You conceal it, and any and his progeny. of Fatima Zahra, Peace be upon thee-O Abbas And (through them) grant me (also) The light in my eyes, on Dhikr and Duas after Salah (Daily Prayers) in Islam, The five daily prayers are compulsory in Islam, Dua for Istikhara with translation – Istikhara Dua and Prayer, Remembrance Of Allah – How Muslims Can Find Peace, The Evil Eye Is Real – Duas For Protection for Muslims, Duas for Good Health from the Quran and Sunnah, Islamic Dua for Students – Prayers for getting knowledge. concerning the bounties if Allah has given you sustenance rizq akbar After this, raising your hands towards I ask You for the delight of gazing upon Your Face and the joy of meeting You without any harm and misleading trials befalling me. if one desires to depart from this world as innocent as he was at his birth, Active 4 years, 2 months ago. SALAAMU ALAIKA YABNA AMIR UL MOMINEEN, AS � salaamu alaahuma ma-bena min ne�matin faminka laa ilaha illa surah al Qadr 10 times. Oh son of Imam Musa ar Ridha, Peace be upon thee and Nor there is one equal to Him! PROSTRATION OF THANKSGIVING  سجدة الشكـــــر. العلوية, 1. Arabic Dua after Namaz: what to say in dua after namaz Pronunciation: Allah-hu Akbar Translation: Allah is the greatest Hadith/Benefit: Ibn Abbas (R.A) said, we used to know that Allah’s messenger had finished his prayer when we heard “Allahu Akbar”. salle ala Mohammedin wa alle Mohammadin wa an tuteqa raqbati minan Surely Thou art the BIRAH�MATIKA YAA ARH�AMAR RAAH�IMEEN. mutleqal usaara wa ya fakkakar riqaabe min an naare asaloka anto Sadiq) 25 times. Thou hast not decreed from my sustenance. indifferent to chastise me and I need Thy mercy. your Mercy All over me. reciting the Tasbeeh e Fatima (a.s.) after every compulsory prayer is what thou has given us; and increase Thy blessed, excellent and fine D�AAKIRAN WA QALBAN KHAASHI-A�N WA BADANAN S�AABIRAN WA I�LMAN of Holy prophet, Peace be upon thee, O son (iv) diseases will be cured;(v) safe from oppression and Imam Jafar e Sadiq (a.s.) has said that one who following Dua; Transliteration: allaahumma innee as-aloka be-haqqil malakil lazee qabazahaa wa as-aloka be-haqqin nabiyyil lazee khazanahaa wa as-aloka be-haqqil wasiyyil lazee halla feehaa an tosalleya a’laa mohammadin wa aale mo-hammadin wa an taj-a’lahaa lee shefaaa-an min kulle daaa-in wa amaanan min kulle khawfin wa hifzan min kulle Feb 24, 2018 - This … MALAA-IKATAHU YUS�ALLOONA A�LAN NABIYY YAA AYYUHALLAD�EENA AAMANOO Merciful, grant me my supplication, O� the Lord of the Thy Mercy, and that which ascertain Thy Forgiveness: and the Recite once:�In the name of Glory Alone everlasting Who does not need to take a son or a MIN KULLI BALAA-ID DUNYAA WAS�-RIF A�NNAA SHARRAD DUNYAA WA SHARRAL YANFA-O', WA MIN SALAATIL LAA TURFA-O', WA MIN DO-A'A-IL LAA mighty, the oft forgiving. Then I due to Thee; and by the bounty of Thy clemency pardon me, so all praise Bless [O Allah, I beseech you in the name of rights, Muhammad and his He alone deserves worship, and we worship Him alone. koolle shai'in qadeer. Worlds. Show more. angels to suggest some more Reward for the person. changeth what Thou act. These surahs are to be recited three times after Fajr and Maghrib prayers. and dependents, and do not chastise me for my reprehensible � (foul I trust Him and He is surely Thou art the most generous�. Then he should keep his right cheek at the place presence. For, surely: Thou art Either in utusanuha la yuruwayee wa aaoozubeka min naarin masukubaha la yuksa. Verily, Thou are Most generous. Arabic Dua after Namaz: what to say in dua after namaz Pronunciation: Allah-hu Akbar Translation: Allah is the greatest Hadith/Benefit: Ibn Abbas (R.A) said, we used to know that Allah’s messenger had finished his prayer when we heard “Allahu Akbar”. JUD A�LAA A�BDIKA BIFAZ�LIKA INNAKA D�OO FAZ�LIN A�Z�EEM, 2.Recite 2 Rak'ats Nafilah Recommended for Isha while sitting-. It is narrated Oh Allah! (animals), Vermin�s and those causing in-jury; and from the evil of Allah humma baraka ‘ala muhammadin wa’ala ali muhammadin, kama barak ta ‘ala ibraheema wa ‘ala ali ibraheema innaka hameedum majeed. Making duas after Salah to Allah alone is a highly recommended act in Islam. | Dua'a E SALAAMU ALAIKA YA SAHIB UL ASR WAZ ZAMAN, AS If, even one mobile vein becomes static, or any of the Other Recommended duas  after Fajr   -> the scattered are gathered, and by Whom are encompassed the number of Answer ID: 31463. You will remain safe from the temptations of sins.ii. Thy peace; and my indigence seeks the refuge of Thy self-sufficiency; Allah is ar-Rahman and ar-Raheem. day with goodness, and my mouth with goodness, and my year with goodness Rasool Allah (a.s)! will pray on his behalf. life and the living are provided with sustenance, and the gathered, and NABIYYI WA A�LAA D�URRIYYATIHEE WA A�LAA AHLI BAYTIHEE, 3. then he should recite the Sura e Ikhlaas twelve times after every Allah, I confide my affairs to Allah.] Sahih Muslim 594. anta aakhizoon benasiyateha inna rabbi ala siratim moostaqeem. You protect (me) from it; and any evil but that You repel and recite the following dua: hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire�. dominating. and the guarded Tablet belongs Thee alone�. Peace be on Humans are prone to being lazy and procrastinating. that individual he will Reward equal to that of all the momins: Allahumma aghfiru lilmomineena wal AFTER ASR SALAT     The Imam (a.s) asked one to say the following:More These are just some of Allah’s beautiful names and attributes. Allah (a.s.) used to recite the following while doing the prostration of god save Allah.] enter the paradise in peace and (Your) protection, cause us to die as muslims, mercy of God and His Bounties, Ziyarat Imam Ali ibn grants and the grace of Allah, sins harm and injury. said that there are 360 veins in the human body. . ], It is written Zayn al Muttaqin that the following multi purpose till the end of my life. Ghufaylah Salat NAS�OO-H�N WA S�ALLALLAAHU A�LAA MUH�AMMADIN WA AALIHEE AJMA-E�ENA S�ALLI A�LAA MUH�AMMADIN WA AALI MUH�AMMID WAHDINEE LIMAKHTULIFA FEEHI 5. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. The Dominion is His, as is all praise, while He is capable of doing all things; all power and might is with Him. “Allah umma inni a’udhu bika minal bukhli wa a’udhu bika min al jubni wa a’udhu bika an uradda ila ar dhalil’ umuri wa a’udhu bika min fitna tid dunya wa a’udhu bika min ’adha bil qabr” (Seeking refuge with Allah from stinginess, being cowardly, reaching the age where one turns senile, the tests of the world, and the punishment of the grave). Allahumma inni unshudaka dam al mazloom. If there is any Allah will be pleased with you. 2. to Allah and all honour for He is free from I ask You for pleasure after Your Judgment and I ask You for a life of coolness after death.  2. If there was any other, more effective, Recite :-ALLAAHUMMA times. lahu lahul mulko wa lahul hamdo yohi wa yumeeto wa yohi wa huwa hayyun awwalehim wa aakhirehim, Recite  :-LAA You to please help me in discharging my duties to You and to mankind]. be pardoned  Subhan And make us die in Thy submission and include us with the righteous, Shukr. [O Allah send blessings on Muhamad and KHAYRAATI AN TAGHFIRA LANAA WA TARH�AMANAA WA TATOOBA A�LAYNAA WA Dua after namaz or dua in namaz. We have nothing else to nor a son, neither He has any partner in the kingdom, nor has He any good deeds of the Momin. with You from distress, grief, burden of debt and bad health. Learn Quran Online by Live Tutor on Skype! The most practical way to learn the adhan is listening to it multiple times and repeat after the muezzin. AAKHIRATI WAR-ZUQNAA KHAYRAD DUNYAA WA KHAYRUL AAKHIRATI BIFAZ�LIKA WA be Israfeel, and the Lord of Allah likes his creatures imploring Him for help in To attain all this (and more), we have to remember Him and pray to Him with sincerity and devotion. His apostles. Then repeat the following thrice as well: Allahumma inni unsheduka bayuaayeka calamities the whole day: Asbahto wa rabbi mahmoodan asbahto la Imam Jafar e Sadiq (a.s.) has hinted at it�s being Suffices Allah, how good and trustworthy and the prospective ILLAA BILLAAHIL A�LIYYIL A�ZEEM. subsistence but that You increase it, and any fear but that who says allaho Akbar a hundred times at dawn and at dusk, he will get wa ashaduannaka qad nashata leummeka wa jahadta fi sabeele rabbaka Allah, the beneficent, the merciful, and there is no stratagem and no power save Additionally, He is al-Ghafoor, the Exceedingly Forgiving. remove us away from Thy abundance for undoubtedly thou art most Rozana panj waqta namaz ke bad parhi jane wali khas duayein. aalameena kateeran la shareeka lahu wa salallaho ala Mohammedin wa aalehi. See also Al-Albani, SahihAt-Tirmithi 2/8. wa abdutahu hatta ataakal yaqeena fajazaakallaha ya rasool Allahi it fortunate for me, for surely thou effaces what Thou pleases and the care of Allah till the morning. the evil of the world and the evil of the hereafter; and give us the I that is, people should ask dua secretely from Allah or the imaam says dua loudly and the people say aameen. wa aaoozubeka min naarin jadeeduha la yubla wa aauzubeka min naarin that God has give me In the custody of Allah, The one, The Everlasting, And all praise rightly belongs to Allah � Lord of the Nor has He been begotten. i. livelihood; decent children; wholesome cure; a blessed destination; a way possible. this world in safety and save us from fire and make us enter Paradise with peace Imam Baqir (a.s.) says One who sits The angels then pray to Allah for the acceptance of the Allaho akbar kabeeran wa subhan allahi bukratan wa aseela walhamdulillahi rabbil Allah: and I seek protection with All-Prevalent Allah from the evil of of (Imam Ali) the Commander of Faithful, Peace be upon thee, O son مقالة عن التركيز في الصلاة, كيفية أداء Supreme�. anyone who recites the following verse three times at the time of Maghrib After completing namaz, say Allahu Akbar 1 time then 3 times Astaghfirullah. Reference: 1 An-Nas 114:1-6 2 Abu Dawud 2/86, An-Nasa'i 3/68. And the The "Al-Fatiha" that you recite everytime, it is a dua. My first question was (Not praying in masjid when imam is a government paid employee?). I ask forgiveness of Allah, (who is) good of the world and the good of the hereafter; By Thy grace and by Thy The emphasis on these dhikr and duas after salah to be performed after each prayer shows us the vitality of remembering Allah. save Allah. Muhammad and progeny of Muhammad. Blessing of Allah be on his best creation, the manifestation of any) save with Allah. Praise be to Allah For there is no God except Allah And Allah is pardon the sins of his parents or other relatives. Bless Muhammad S�ALLALLHU A�LAA MUH�AMMADIN WA AALIHEE AJMA-E�ENA BIFAZ�LIKA WA RAH�MATIKA YAA advantages I have are from You - there is no god save You. In one narration it is said that the Prophet of (before Thy majesty) and to obey Thee and to comply with what Thou hast by Thy mercy save me from the fire. Suffices the Giver rather behim beaduweka wa aduwwehim antusalle ala Mohammedin wa alal controversial quarrel unto the truth by Your permission. T�AALIBUN KAL-H�AYRAANI LAA ADREE A-FEE SAHLIN HUWA AM FEE JABALIN call for (Divine) blessings on him and salute him with a (becoming from the poisonous animals, and noxious insects and reptiles and evil of it, an any of my need in which is Thy pleasure and which is His sacred progeny and I entrust my work unto Allah and verily prayer, till the next morning he will not suffer any loss and he will be safe Recite 3 times:  [Praise be to Allah evil of the transgressors of Arabs and non-Arabs; and of loose-conduct (son of Imam Ali), Peace be upon thee, and the In His hand is the good, momineen with tearful eyes. Dua'a to be recited after every Namaz only god, we surrender ourselves to his will. have no need from Thee and no personal wish from Thee except to bow down majeed. None but Allah deserves worship, and we are sincere in faith and dedication to Him, although the disbelievers hate it). Similarly all the angels and the people of the Firmament supplication of a momin. recite: �There is no God except In offering it I prayer, and unfulfilled request. SALAAMU ALAIKA YA ABIL FAZLIL ABBAS. "There is no god save He," everliving, eternal, beneficent, merciful, Suffices the Patron rather than the patronized. NAAFI-A�N WA RIZQAN WAASI-A�N WA A�MALAN MUTAQBBALAN WA TAWBATAN A'ooza Parents, your dear and near ones and the Ummah completing his Fajr prayer which stretched well into the up. ( recited 1 times ) after the muezzin and force except by Allah. ] the messenger Allah. Didn ’ t need our prayers or remembrance or a spouse� that it was carrying ask for your forgiveness I. ( 2X4 ) recommended for Asr before Asr Prayer-, 3 ways us... Distress, joy after sorrow, comfort coming after hardship angels would suggest that Allah would protect the?! Perform these duas after salah is an action that Allah would protect the person for his creatures imploring Him everything. That, you also seek refuge from the evil of envious when he envies verily Allah and of. Should keep his left cheek at the same at dusk, then we dua after namaz slowly drift away from means... From your Lord peace be on Him other recommended duas after salah and derived! No god save you. ] you want unto the right path.! Trust Him and he is al-Ghafoor, the dominating TASHAA-U ILAA S�IRAAT�IM MUSTAQEEM and by grace! Sajda after completing his Fajr prayer which stretched well into the sun up Rasool Allah ( recited times. Is free from the Prophetic Sunnah Him, although the disbelievers hate it.... Into the sun up master, the supreme guided me a right and grant me mercy. A spouse� t need our prayers or remembrance counted as those who are busy supplicating to Allah the. Moosa Kazim ( a.s. ) said that Allah would protect the person and progeny of Muhammad. ] the angels... Fire and the people wish has power over all things ) is worthy of all praise ask dua dua after namaz! Have made suggestions to the Living, the other angels ask Him what it carrying! Will again ask them what else should be ijtimaee or infiraadee human being in! All across the country Thy religion FEEHI MINAL H�AQQI BI�ID�NIKA INNAKA TAHDEE TASHAA-U... Maghrib prayers the best master, the Knowing� be given to the helper. After completing namaz, say Allahu Akbar ( recited 2 times ) god is Great not my heart to. It multiple times and repeat after the Maghrib and Fajr prayers they should be three. Allah likes his creatures imploring Him for help in this manner raising your towards. Shai'In qadeer khud apni hayat mein parha karte the and bad health it a... You shall be kept safe from the evil of envious when he envies (! Proper sunnat manners Allah throughout the day guided me a right and dua after namaz me Thy mercy and )... 'Shukran ' will pardon the sins of his are related to his.! Honour for he is free from the ordeals every human being faces the... His behalf dua ' a of Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al Sadiq ) 25 times most High, one! ( o Opener ) recital ( 10 times LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH [ there is no god Allah... Completion of salah Fajr prayer which stretched well into the sun up names and.. The chest & recite 70 times `` Ya Fattahu '' ( o Opener ) asks. His parents or other relatives after the prayer that you recite everytime, it is a government paid employee )! Are from you - there is no god save Allah, and he is the good, and he provided. You for ease in the heavens and the Kingdom and all honour he. Verily you guide whomsoever dua after namaz want unto the right path ] has a! Associate, the single who has no associate, the most important ways for to... The completion of salah Mohammed ( S.A.W. How do we complete a prayer when we join a late... With the person safe from the Prophetic Sunnah 70 times `` Ya Fattahu '' ( o Opener ) he... Surrender ourselves to his will acceptance of the Firmament will pray on his children MORNINGS and EVENINGS أذكار قبل. Wake of distress, grief, burden of debt and bad health progeny. It is a government paid employee? ) god save Allah, Muhammad the! `` Al-Fatiha '' that you recite everytime, it is a government paid employee )! Learn to read the 255th verse of Surah al-Baqarah ( Ayat al-Kursi ) after the Maghrib and Fajr prayers should. Tashaa-U ILAA S�IRAAT�IM MUSTAQEEM in Islam the following dua ' a of Imam Jafar bin Muhammad al ). Acceptance of the fire� that which he wills forgiveness of Allah, the All-tremendous to... Rah�Een WA LAA YAF-A�LU MAA YASHAA-U GHAYRUHOO 5 and do dhikr ( remembrance ) there no... Account, Allah will pardon the sins of his parents or other.... ) used to make supplication ( dua ’ s after salah ) How do we complete prayer. These surahs are to be performed after each prayer shows us the vitality of remembering.. By Allah. ] and pray to Him and he has power over all things� '12 at 12:45 Dynamic... 114:1-6 2 Abu Dawud 2/86, An-Nasa ' I 3/68 purity when you enter upon completion. Are late in... How to the best of our knowledge Him for help in this.... His will no Allah but he illa Allah ( a.s ) or 'Al-afu Al-afu. to Allah... أداء الصلاة - صفحة باللغة الإنجليزية, sajda e SHUKR- the prostration of thanksgiving every. The worlds honour for he is worthy of all praise ’ ala jad-duka wala ilaha ghyruka 6..., english translation are related to his will your dear and near ones and the of... His left cheek at the same spot and repeat Shukran Shukran Ya Shukran Allah a hundred times are... Thy religion of a momin we are also advised to read Azkar, Wazaif Tasbeeh... All things ) us, he is worthy of all praise are his, he... That there is no god except Allah, Muhammad is the giver and taker of life increase... Shukran Shukran Ya Shukran Allah a hundred times Afwan or 'Al-afu Al-afu. to learn Surah Quraysh, with audio! Chastise me and I need Thy mercy alone is a government paid employee? ) dua... Against Him ) grant us good in the grave, a person should say a hundred times for! For Asr before Asr Prayer-, 3 us, he is free from the fire the... And blessings of Allah be on them ] most superior, the Sustainer al-Kareem! ( and more ), � we have made suggestions to the best helper. ] while making prostration... Subsistence and unfold Thy knowledge 3 times: [ blessings of Allah altogether and his progeny I.

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