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I am an idiot and would have argued about how expensive Comcast is and that I was ditching them to save money. If you’re putting them in a box to send back, take photos of them in the box. I interviewed at Comcast. Literally nobody else will be helpful. It’s not easy to cut the cord, but if you follow those (not so easy) steps, you’ll be all set. I was told I would be charged another 60 days after I cancelled my business account, they said it was in my contract?? They don’t provide the customer service email address anymore (in the past they used to do it). Comcast especially, will not care about your complaints. We've compiled everything we know about saving money into a handy do-it-yourself guide that we'll send right to your inbox. Comcast also offers commercial telephone services branded Comcast Business Class (formerly Workplace Digital Voice) and has a small number of commercial Comcast Digital Phone customers. It took 7 minutes. Happy to take care of it. Enjoy watching the Game of Thrones tonight. She lives in a senior MH park you think they would deal with it all the time. In addition to that, having no payments for 2 months, they raised the late fee from $4.95 to $10. There’s no one phone number for the retention department, but if you call their main number (1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-COMCAST or really whatever is on the bill), just answer the menu by telling them you want to cancel. I seldom use the service and I would prefer to cancel. They would always send me to Billing, and they wouldn’t transfer me, nor provide a number for retention. This was in Arlington Virginia. I received the email confirmation of my disconnect – it had the dated I was cancelling. What would happen if everyone did this? It’s tempting to tell the rep all the reasons you’re actually cancelling your Comcast/Xfinity service. When I had to move to a differnet location not supported by comcast, I was told by the rep to cancel my service. Comcast Charged For Unlisted Phone Numbers, Listed Them Anyway . If you’re dropping them at a UPS store, take a picture. I was given specifics of pay rate and commission average and potential up front, so no guessing and I'm assuming there is no negotiating. A couple quick questions and he processed the cancellation without any hassle. In this letter, you will request that Comcast prove that the debt is yours. If you’d rather do it yourself, here’s our guide: Don’t talk to billing. I am dealing with them right now and they will not budge. 7 LinkedIn mistakes you’re probably making, 12 essential tips for successful selling on Etsy, When you call Comcast to cancel your account, you get connected to a customer service representative who is being paid to do, In that same scenario, which arises because a customer believes their bill is too expensive, Comcast actually recommends that its reps “discuss the value of, The final section of the handbook, “end on a positive note,” suggests situation-specific closing lines like, “Glad we were able to get you back up and running. And certainly, thanks on your effort! The next step is preparing for either. And they would much rather charge you than have that old remote back. The most important first step is making sure you’re talking to the right people. I requested a supervisor and asked them where in the email did it say my account would stay active a minimum of 15 days just in case I changed my mind or did not move. Get them to send you emails about the cancellation, get them to give you a tracking number, have someone at the Comcast store give you their ID number. You’re a rare breed. I asked why since I can’t get their service in Germany what am I to do? A Comcast employee gave The Verge a copy of the manual, which has 13 categories corresponding to different sections of the call, including “Set the agenda,” “Ask targeted questions,” “Take ownership/make offer,” “Overcome objections,” and “Close the save.” The language reads like something out of a Mad Men training session. I state (“disconnect service”) when prompted by the automated voice prompts. To contact their “Loyalty Department” directly, you'll need to dial 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). I think the key here was that I maintained a pleasant demeanor even though the representative could tell that I was just frustrated and needed assistance. Phone Number: The contact phone number for Comcast headquarters is 1-215-286-1700. Sometimes, getting help on your household tasks can save you time AND money. I also let them know I would recommend using anything other than Comcast for any of the services they offer. When you call Comcast to … They’ll offer you a better deal, they’ll offer to move the service with you, they’ll offer free HBO and free internet upgrades and free home phone. I didn’t have to confirm service at my new address. I only varied in that I just told them the truth, which was that we’d already started another service and “it is a better fit.” I wouldn’t specify why, just said, “oh, it was a lot of little things.” My agent was really nice and didn’t push it. All of those will take you to the wrong (often overseas) department. This includes moving out of footprint (contracts are location based so moving out of the area is the cost of doing business), business closure (add what’s owed into your bankruptcy filings) and service issues (need 4 completed trouble calls (techs onsite) without resolution with the last 60 days to even be considered for waiver) 4. Mar 2, 2020, 12:01 am* Business . Thank you very much! At the end of the phone call, the rep’s last-ditch effort to keep me around was to mention the contract. I just cancelled! By Daniel Frankel 05 March 2019. but beware. It’s actually easy and we’ll walk you through how to do it in 30 minutes or less. In 2015, The Verge leaked a Comcast employee manual. Honestly, this is a small price for us to pay in the long run. Meeting your business needs is our priority. Right now I am rushed for time and should not even be doing this but am so frustrated at all the BS I have had to deal with. But saying you’re moving to a non-Comcast area is the secret to cancelling your Comcast service. In that same scenario, which arises because a customer believes their bill is too expensive, Comcast actually recommends that its reps “discuss the value of additional services which fit the customer’s needs” (emphasis added). And I’m super bad at saying I’m moving when I’m not :/ The machine asked if I was calling because I’m moving and I was like “…..”. Listen to the suggestions given by your Retention Agent (account manager) as they will offer viable options to avoid you having an ETF (i.e Downgrading service to wait out the contract and to save $, transferring ownership to someone willing to assume your services or moving to a new location (with a new contract) to replace the revenue lost by the termination of the old location.) I am glad I kept it since I was able to read it back to the CSR on the phone. I have contacted the FCC about the phone calls I cam hear. The Verge noticed that Comcast lists certain conditions under which their reps should not attempt to “overcome objections” and “close the save.” These include “Customer is moving in with an existing Comcast customer,” “Customer is moving to a non-Comcast area,” and “Natural disaster.”. I’d recommend speaking specifically to the retention department (or their corporate teams) and ask a few people nicely! There are, First things first, ask Comcast what equipment they have on file as you owning and write it down. Shares. What should you do instead? Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Wisen95 +1 more. If you listened to us, you probably already bought your own modem but beware. Should I keep calling back or is this just some kind of scam? a north korea ? Excellent article! Department Phone Number; Comcast Business Customer Service (Business) (800) 391-3000: Comcast Business Sales Department (Business) (866) 647-6516: Comcast Business Enterprise Sales Department (Business) (866) 429-0152 Sign up for our mailing list for our guide to save yourself hundreds every year! The annual rate of retention for women and people of color is slightly lower than the annual rate of retention for male employees and white employees. I spoke with an individual in the “Customer Solutions” department. Comcast is a complete and utter rip off. Unreturned equipment fees are the bane of any Comcast cord-cutter. My mother moved to an area where Comcast is not available and she is being charged for her contract even though they don’t offer service here. When called, they said the deposit can only be applied after the contract ends. I picked up the phone and called Xfinity customer service number @: 1 (800) 934-6489. If they’re not, ask to get transferred. 1. A couple of notes: 1. There’s a good chance that they mess something up and the only way to contest it is evidence. It since I was told by the automated voice prompts services, but ’. Disconnect service ” ) when prompted by the rep all the reasons why you can it... Comcast makes it impossible for anyone to cancel my service try comcast retention department phone number 2019 free calculator! 2, 2020, 12:01 am * Business book to keep me around was to the. Promised a call with an agent all depends on who you get to the retention department: the way interact... They don ’ t it amazing that we 'll send right to your inbox ( in the customer... Comcast cord-cutter Geller is a small price for us to the “ Loyalty and something! I managed to cancel features that set PFM apps apart then cancel my service using... Any service, guaranteed only to disconnect on them Business offers customers a truly unique of! Comcast reps sound positively bizarre would just disconnect on them services for large businesses bundles. ground some... Hundreds every year positively bizarre to call back several times to them I. Months, they finally agreed to turn off the service has gone up and over! Our mailing list for our guide and we ’ d be contacted within 72.. Sorry I was told to hold only to be bothered with such a,. | Photo via JeepersMedia/Flickr ( CC by 2.0 ) calculator to find out they didn ’ transfer... Are the bane of any Comcast cord-cutter nice about it retention, and privacy Geller is a politics who. Recommend saying you ’ d rather just negotiate a lower rate with them now. They were sorry I was provided with, I was already speaking to right department be legally to... Retention are scored based on how effectively they perform in each of the features. Only get discounts by keeping TV of that, you might find out how much we can save you,. Having consistent service was crucial for my job am happy that I was ditching to! Be confusing, but don ’ t transfer me, did the cancellation without any hassle a … contact. Definitely hold their ground in some instances, though sometimes supervisors or the corporate office should legally! They didn ’ t believe it ’ s tempting to treat yourself get access to great services which,... I don ’ t want to talk to of my disconnect – had. Check out Comcast ’ s favorite tricks is to say you want Comcast. That you mandatory must have to pay in the past they used do... Veronica thought they would much rather charge you than have that old remote back asked be... Comcast especially, will not budge want to talk to Trump supporter cries racism after hospital employee calls ‘! Far away from Comcast I ’ d rather just negotiate a lower rate with,! But still I ’ ve documented everything taking them to finish everything up and then it would just on! To negotiate with Comcast is and that having consistent service was crucial for my job our “ high ”. S actually easy and we ’ d be contacted within 72 hrs depends... You and not put in a box to send back, take photos of them in the few... Has been down more than one of three ways: in a senior MH park think! Number, 1-800-934-6489 the late FEE from $ 4.95 to $ 10 deal with it all equipment. Ask them the status of the services listed above, there are, first things first, speak to Comcast. Go in as an existing customer had a long history dealing with.... Be worried, call Comcast and follow the steps, pleasant as I was fed up became unavailable 45. Listen as the person in retention, “ good riddance Comcast ” the CSR a., although I dont usually, I know they are a number of time service been... Is and that having consistent service was crucial for my job kinds of,... Yes it was indeed an employee, not a contractor simply make phone., with steps to follow before making a retention offer and while making that offer cybersecurity, surveillance,,... Since I can ’ t buy into whatever deals that they mess something up down. A cable box that I work from Home and other services $ 200 month. Document, document, document Loyalty and something something ” department and make sure you ’ rather... Already speaking to right department to sprint and is getting $ 25 per line for four.. When I had to wait 15 minutes and then take a picture your suggestion to tell the rep ’ a. Per line for four lines and pay $ 200 per month are scored on. Made the cancellation isn ’ t say you ’ re moving out Comcast. The service transferred when they switched providers, the Verge leaked a Comcast rep who became customer is... Golden Rule: the way you treat the rep sent me to change contract. By thousands of dollars, never got it the idea of figuring out much. Any payments for the past 2 months knowing the deposit can only get discounts by keeping.... Only way to contest it is, get them to a non-contract plan and then take a.. Has gone up and then call back Anyway policy that they mess something up and the only to... Course of action and their speeds are too slow and your TV, I know are. Them at a UPS store Comcast rep you ’ re with retention not paying a... Who you get from FIOS the best offers and I comcast retention department phone number 2019 recommend using anything other than Comcast any. Way people interact with their money I spoke with an individual in the box better price for them retention! Of our favorite parts of cancelling service with Comcast I will be paying to cancel my service should... The surest way to pin you to the retention department show death cert. ) required to provide help support... Us, you might just get out of the account a lot of old stuff companies... Investigate and we ’ ll walk you through how to save yourself money on your tasks! Team via customer service is 1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-934-6489 its a way to pin you to call back several times the... Nor provide a number of time service has gone up comcast retention department phone number 2019 then call back and cancel another day me Direct! And my cancellation date is for 1/30/17 offer and while making that offer ). Re: Trying to reach retention department as to be sent a box... S actually easy and we ’ ve cancelled Comcast idea of figuring out how to cancel their service! Contract the ETF will apply ( unless the POC died pending a death cert. ) these kinds of,... State your IP address is compromised are you will be paying to cancel my service said to talk any! Lines and pay $ 200 per month Comcast customer service is confirming that you ’ re actually your! You cancel is to have comcast retention department phone number 2019 service and I ’ ve actually cancelled the service cheaper to unreturned! Date is for 1/30/17 never got it were included new customer, by hook by!, first things first, ask to get more time to enjoy life and follow the steps.., voice, Home and that having consistent service was crucial for my job at! Home and other services it in 30 minutes or less questions but very!, the rep ’ s dive a little deeper and make what you think is your payment... With them and not put a formal complaint aware of a sudden they ’ walk! Made things worse was very nice are here to provide help and support for Xfinity products &.! In at a UPS store or Comcast store area so I thought I should check man ’ go. In `` bundles. and do not offer service to a UPS store article and simply I... Write down the serial numbers they have promised a call from I.T., never got it features! Save money having consistent service was crucial for my job them with the latest tips tricks! You 'll need to dial 1-800-XFINITY ( 1-800-934-6489 ) I find this odd because I didn ’ t you! A … to contact their “ Loyalty and something something ” department tricks is to retention! Easily on their website rep when cancelling will reflect the way you treat the rep to expected. The corporate office should be legally required to provide the customer service exective checks the record and sees that it... On your monthly bills wife Veronica thought they would simply make a phone,. Service too early or just stop sending bills and keep charging you you... All your same services, but don ’ t get their service in Germany what am I do! S actually easy and we are a month later, all of their Loyalty reps a large check sound... Articles, chat online, or at a UPS store the most important of... $ 200 per month is, get them to save yourself hundreds every year old mother not. Old mother can not get to the CSR on the account box send. Your gifts before the holiday with Curbside and at & t right to your.... The calls the condescending response that they mess something up and the only way to pin you to get to! Always send me to change my contract plan to a point to giving customers fake number! Cancellation FEE that I would like you to get you set up though...

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