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When A Man Loves 1.Bölüm İzle dizilost. And later on, Soo Ho also called to apologize to Seo Joon for his poor attitude. The police is currently still doing an investigation on the personal data on this decay body ? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. And on the other hand, the witch mother spoke to her youngest son and was trying to play tricks and to make use of her youngest son to help Hyun Soo to get pregnant. With no forgiveness towards Mrs. Jang and therefore, Joo Na blamed all fault and even called and quarrelled with Seo Joon’s aunt. While, they were discussing about the problem that Soo Ho encountered, Hyun Soo came to the mini bar to look for Soo Ho and Hyun So was shocked to see Soo Ho was full of tears, crying and was extremely upset. After many trials and tribulations, Se Kyung finally lands a job, but not exactly the one she bargained for. Episode 21, by telling the Cinderella story to her witch mother in law, Hyun Soo was extremely upset overwhelmed by sorrow and with the ability to understand that the real motive of her witch mother in law. He then called Hyun Soo to meet him and upon seeing Hyun Soo personally at the café, Seo Joon made a sincere apology with Hyun Soo for the evil things that Joo Na hurts her. Episode 39, the witch mother was busy concentrating on how to chase Hyun Soo out of the house and she continued to threaten her youngest daughter in law leading to her youngest daughter in law facing great difficulty and without courage and without confidence to tell the truth to Hyun Soo. Mrs.Jang began to miss Hyun Soo and was also worried about the condition and lifestyle that Hyun Soo’s currently having is it happy or sad ? your comment and it will be Kind Seo Joon then brought the two boxes of liquid medicine and left it outside Soo Ho’s house and he telephone Hyun Soo to collect it And Seo Joon ended up meeting his grandma and have his lunch with Mrs. Jang and he even gossip about Soo Ho. While, Seo Joon’s uncle and Mrs. Jang also discovered the truth that Joo Na bribe Seo Joon’s aunt. Meanwhile, Seo Joon and Se Ran , both were surprised and wondered what happened to Soo Ho and ended up Hyun Soo left hurriedly and did not join them for dinner. Se Ran even confirmed with her secretary and also cancelled her meeting appointment. Birthcare Center (tvN), Browse By YearAwardsYear 2002Year 2003Year 2004Year 2005Year 2006Year 2007Year 2008Year 2009Year 2010Year 2011Year 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016Year 2017Year 2018Year 2019Year 2020Year 2021, /*

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