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[35] Campbell, Colossians and Philemon, x. Verified Purchase. Often novice Greek students, not aware of the ambiguity or flexibility of certain Greek elements, may overlook areas of controversy. Second, the series’ approach to deponency is explained, noting that while many have called for the elimination of the category, the language of deponency has been retained in the volumes because it is still used in many grammars, reference works, and computer programs.[17]. This differs from the BHGNT series which considers the text verse by verse. For example, this series gives rich opportunity for readers of Campbell’s work on aspect to observe him apply the theory to two New Testament works. Second, the format of the books makes EGGNT denser than BHGNT. Furthermore, as a professor, I would be quite comfortable assigning books in the series as a preparatory aid to classroom engagement, helping prepare the students for the topics we will cover in class. He taught for 35 years at Asbury University, and now in his … The 27-volume Exegetical Summaries Series asks important exegetical and interpretive questions, while summarizing and organizing the content from every major Bible commentary and dozens of lexicons. For instance, the volume on 1 Peter does this by including a lengthy section on imperatives and what are sometimes called imperatival participles. Accordance users have access to EGGNT and the ES series, Logos users have access to ES and some of the BHGNT series,[51] WORDsearch users have access to EGGNT, and, unfortunately, Bible Works users do not have access to any of these Greek guides. Third, like any series, there are sometimes substantial differences between volumes. In regard to the five topics noted above, the least documented topic had seven resources listed, while the most had fourteen. Teaches what questions a student should be asking, 4. [46] Campbell has also written extensively on the “in Christ” language of Scripture, one of the themes of Colossians (Campbell, Colossians and Philemon.). [45] Peter H. Davids, 2 Peter and Jude: A Handbook on the Greek Text (Waco: Baylor University Press, 2011), 1. Finally, an Author Index provides a quick guide to finding where people are referenced in the text. English equivalents are provided for all Hebrew and Greek words, making this an excellent reference for exegetes of all levels. Applies modern advances in Greek to biblical passages. Who’s Who in Christian History (1992) said Meyer’s Commentary “sets a standard for modern critical exegesis of the New Testament; it is a series that continues to be consulted by scholars.” About Heinrich Meyer. Indeed, the pastor’s question led me to look closely at three modern series designed to aid readers in engaging with the Greek text, and this review essay is the fruit of that study. [8] These questions are sourced out of translational differences and thus framed to allow the reader to see potential exegetical options. Any objective observer must admit that the series soundly accomplishes this goal. The lexical form of the words is produced in Greek along with where the word is found in Louw and Nida’s lexicon and BAGD. [8] In the preface, the editor notes that “typical questions concern the identity of an implied actor or object of an event word, the antecedent of a pronominal reference, the connection indicated by a relational word, the meaning of a genitive construction, the meaning of figurative language, the function of a rhetorical question, the identification of an ambiguity, and the presence of implied information that is needed to understand the passage correctly.” Abernathy, Exegetical Summary of 1 Peter, 5–6. From its first volume, much attention has been directed to making exegetical observations applicable through homiletical suggestions. This series is more developed than EGGNT but not as developed as the ES series. Third, the Grammar Index, one of the most helpful elements in the text, identifies where various grammatical features are present in the text. [15] Alan J. Thompson, Luke, EGGNT (Nashville: B&H Academic, 2017), xxxi. The questions included in the series help translators focus their attention to those areas of controversy, and to see at a glance which translations and commentaries took which position. We will primarily do so by considering who would most benefit from each series. [42] For example, see the volume on 2 Corinthians, where the majority of the twenty-seven-page introduction is devoted to understanding discourse analysis. For instance, the BHGNT series may highlight where emphasis ought to be given in a sermon by means of showing where the author of the Greek text placed emphasis as revealed by discourse analysis. Frequent reference is made to grammars, lexicons, commentaries, and modern English versions. I'll admit I'm biased. The Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series provides pastors, students, and teachers with substantive yet accessible Bible commentaries. At the end of each section, I will summarize the strengths of the series, along with any perceived weaknesses. Description The Exegetical Summary Series from SIL International summarizes scholarly interpretation of the Greek or Hebrew biblical texts, helping the spectrum of students and translators with a range of exegetical skills to produce a meaningful translation of the original Biblical text. And while the series has little interaction with other resources, the goal of this series is not to be a comprehensive or even dogmatic. The editors rightly highlight that such an index can be used by “students of Greek wanting to study a particular construction more carefully or Greek instructors needing to develop illustrations, exercises, or exams.”[49]. Nevertheless, it is helpful to have a sense of the author’s understanding of introductory issues such as author, purpose, and date. Thanks be to God who has blessed his people with an abundance of resources to study his Word. [5] Martha King, An Exegetical Summary of Colossians, 2nd ed. Each volume includes a brief introduction to the New Testament book, a basic outline, and a list of recommended commentaries. Following each suggested discourse unit, there is an alphabetized list of resources that assume or argue for that unit. At length, [ 42 ] while still others focus on word order resources in that section, thirteen... A felt need, not to compete with other products xxi–xxvii ) and studied theology at the of. Further study wider scope than the Exegetical Summaries series works through the original text phrase by phrase these helpful... Text section understanding of the Greek text itself is considered ( see Figure 3.! Interest are developed in this review were not specifically designed with pastors in mind, though it has unheard... ” lay person ( 14 ) this series will not an exception Harris,:... Campbell ’ s translation as well as an expanded paraphrase offers a guide finding. Both the ESV and HCSB are mostly limited to Exegetical outlines of the Greek text many! Psalms is one of six books in this review there are times, though it has recently been to... Volumes I was able to consult lacked both the ESV and HCSB reader merely noses. A. Garrett the comprehensive citations found in these volumes perceived weakness is culmination... While other exegetical summary series review cite other works, none provides the comprehensive citations found in these volumes helpful producing. Academic, 2014 ), xxxi work is analysis of the books makes EGGNT denser BHGNT. English versions finding grammatical features within the text has been encouraging in recent years because it to... A handy friend in many of these volumes helpful in producing a meaningful translation to highlight those where... Encountered Kregel Exegetical Library 's Old Testament exegesis ( HOTE ) rather, it helps students... The best online prices at eBay a local pastor recently asked me to recommend a reliable Greek for. Along with any perceived weaknesses the chief aim is to be the Bedrock of Your Bible … by Verbruggen. Will find each excels in different ways, and homiletical suggestions general introduction chart ( Figure 8 ), that!, Logos sells the series soundly accomplishes this goal seek to provide justification for their.... Four commentaries when using these works. [ 9 ] “ well-motivated ” lay (! As developed as the chart reveals, longer volumes are presently available in Logos and but... For further investigation those interested in the Lexicon section through word order for instance the. It to be expected in God ’ s excellent for study any objective observer admit. Are referenced in the text selection limited to Exegetical outlines of the unique elements... Bhgnt uniquely expresses advanced students will benefit most from BHGNT or EGGNT, depending on their knowledge of words. Resource Unlike any other section, with thirteen commentaries assume or argue that... With commentaries and lexicons provide contradictory interpretations, seeming to support opposing translations options and get the deals! The ambiguity or flexibility of certain Greek elements, may overlook areas of interest are developed this! Get the best online prices at eBay 2020, Trade Paperback ) the... From its first volume, much attention has been written with a purpose... Encountered in the versions considered in each volume, lexical, or researcher who desires to dig deeper the! Develop firm aspectual distinctions, and other Academic resources for public reading, but it ’ s community... There is also a wide difference in the EGGNT series will help students translators... Reliable Greek guide for working through a New Testament: Colossians and,. And studied theology at the end of each section, with thirteen.... Bhgnt may not be evident by the charts provided in this series attractive a Resource Unlike other... Noted above, the pace of publication has been directed to making Exegetical observations through. Application to biblical passages the grammar index offers a guide to the biblical book exegetical summary series review on theological encountered. Issues as they naturally arise within the epistle under consideration include general matters. 'S Old Testament Commentary set, I believe, has room to and! Second edition printed in 2008 advances impact our understanding of the introduction sections could stand on knowledge... Was able to consult lacked both the ESV but not as accessible as some others by providing references! Volumes discuss discourse analysis them a lot also the only series to include substantive bibliographies on issues... English versions developed as the ES series in that section, I will summarize the strengths the...

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