christifideles laici in aas

There is no doubt that spiritual formation ought to occupy a privileged place in a person's life. A imagem introduz-nos num outro aspecto da novidade baptismal, e que o Concílio Vaticano II assim apresenta: « Pela regeneração e pela unção do Espírito Santo, os baptizados são consagrados para serem uma morada espiritual ».(18). And again: "The dignity of women, gravely wounded in public esteem, must be restored through effective respect for the rights of the human person and by putting the teaching of the Church into practice"179]. Alejandra Fernández 5,296 views. Pensemos também nas múltiplas violações a que hoje é submetida a pessoa humana. Sollicitudo rei socialis, 38: AAS 80 (1988), 565-566. Pio XII, Const. Applying the apostle's words to the lay faithful, the Council categorically affirms: "Neither family concerns nor other secular affairs should be excluded from their religious programme of life"[45]. Secondly, women have the task of assuring the moral dimension of culture, the dimension, namely of a culture worthy of the person, of an individual yet social life. Rom 16:1-15; Phil 4:2-3; Col 4:15 and 1 Cor 11:5; 1 Tim 5:16). Jesus reza por esta comunhão: « Que todos sejam um só, como Tu, ó Pai, estás em Mim e Eu em Ti, que também eles estejam em nós, para que o mundo creia que Tu me enviaste » (Jo 17, 21). Precisamente neste contexto, continuam a aparecer e a espalhar-se, sobretudo nas sociedades organizadas, diversas formas de voluntariado que se traduzem numa multiplicidade de serviços e de obras. Precisamente para obviar tais perigos, os Padres sinodais insistiram na necessidade de serem expressas com clareza, até na própria terminologia,(75) quer a unidade de missão da Igreja, em que participam todos os baptizados, quer a diversidade substancial do ministério dos pastores, radicado no sacramento da Ordem, em relação com os outros ofícios e as outras funções eclesiais, radicados nos sacramentos do Baptismo e da Confirmação. II, Const. Indeed, if the needs of cities and rural areas are to be met, lay people should not limit their cooperation to the parochial or diocesan boundaries but strive to extend it to interparochial, interdiocesan, national and international fields, the more so because the daily increase in population mobility, the growth of mutual bonds, and the ease of communication no longer allow any sector of society to remain closed in upon itself. They are also called to allow the newness and the power of the gospel to shine out everyday in their family and social life, as well as to express patiently and courageously in the contradictions of the present age their hope of future glory even "through the framework of their secular life"[26]. Required in the face of this is a vast, extensive and systematic work, sustained not only by culture but also by economic and legislative means, which will safeguard the role of family in its task of being the primary place of "humanization" for the person and society. Vat, II, Decr. É uma contraposição que assume formas de violência, de terrorismo, de guerra. If, indeed, everyone has the mission and responsibility of acknowledging the personal dignity of every human being and of defending the right to life, some lay faithful are given a particular title to this task: such as parents, teachers, healthworkers and the many who hold economic and political power. [176] Cf. Se for vivido na sua verdade de serviço desinteressado ao bem das pessoas, especialmente as mais carecidas e as mais abandonadas dos próprios serviços sociais, o voluntariado deve ser visto como sendo uma importante expressão de apostolado, onde os fiéis leigos, homens e mulheres, desempenham um papel de primeiro plano. Each person should take into account what he does and consider if he is labouring in the vineyard of the Lord"[2]. Dessa maneira, a comunhão abre-se para a missão e converte-se ela própria em missão. Neste caminho encontramos tantos fiéis leigos generosamente empenhados no campo social e político, nas mais variadas formas, tanto institucionais como de voluntariado e de serviço aos últimos. sobre a Igreja Lumen gentium, 12. We come to a full sense of the dignity of the lay faithful if we consider the prime and fundamental vocation that the Father assigns to each of them in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit: the vocation to holiness, that is, the perfection of charity. Thus, for example, Pius XI in the encyclical Casti Connubii addressed Christian spouses in the following words: "In whatever state they might be and whatever upright way of life they might have chosen, all must imitate the most perfect example of holiness, proposed by God to humanity, namely, our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the help of God to even reach the highest stage of Christian perfection, shown in the example of the many saints": AAS 22 (1930), 548. Indeed, the Synod Fathers have stated: "The action of the Holy Spirit, who breathes where he will, is not always easily recognized and received. In this sense, culture must be held as the common good of every people, the expression of its dignity, liberty and creativity, and the testimony of its course through history. We can conclude by reading a beautiful passage taken from Saint Francis de Sales, who promoted lay spirituality so well[206]. aos jovens e às jovens do mundo, por ocasião do « Ano Internacional da Juventude », 15: AAS 77 (1985), 620-621. Do not be afraid! No mesmo sentido se expressou o novo Código de Direito Canónico. Desse modo, o único e idêntico mistério da Igreja revela e revive, na diversidade dos estados de vida e na variedade das vocações, a riqueza infinita do mistério de Jesus Cristo. The communion with Pope and Bishop must be expressed in loyal readiness to embrace the doctrinal teachings and pastoral initiatives of both Pope and Bishop. Todos, todo o Povo de Deus participa nesta tríplice missão ».(21). A todos e a cada um se dirige a chamada do Senhor: também os doentes são mandados como trabalhadores para a Sua vinha. LABOURERS IN THE LORD'S VINEYARDGood Stewards of God's Varied Grace. All are necessary to carry out the word and grace of the Gospel and to correspond to the various circumstances of life in which people find themselves today. Despite the complex nature of the problems you face: a strength that progressively diminishes, the insufficiencies of social organizations, official legislation that comes late, or the lack of understanding by a self-centered society, you are not to feel yourselves as persons underestimated in the life of the Church or as passive objects in a fast-paced world, but as participants at a time of life which is humanly and spiritually fruitful. Virgem Mãe,guia-nos e apoia-nos para vivermos semprecomo autênticos filhos e filhasda Igreja do teu Filhoe podermos contribuir para a implantaçãoda civilização da verdade e do amor sobre a terra,segundo o desejo de Deuse para a Sua glória. (65) Cf. Likewise the Synod Fathers have said: "The unity of life of the lay faithful is of the greatest importance: indeed they must be sanctified in everyday professional and social life. [10] Cf. (117), Foi confiado ao Pontifício Conselho dos Leigos o encargo de elaborar um elenco das associações que recebem a aprovação oficial da Santa Sé e de definir, em colaboração com o Secretariado da Unidade dos Cristãos, as condições segundo as quais se pode aprovar uma associação ecuménica, onde a maioria seja católica ao lado de uma minoria não católica, estabelecendo também em que casos se não pode dar parecer positivo. He is the "true vine", to which the branches are engrafted to have life (cf. 1 Cor 14). II, Const. Furthermore, ideologies and various systems, together with forms of uninterest and indifference, dare to take over the role in education proper to the family. Today political solidarity requires going beyond single nations or a single block of nations, to a consideration on a properly continental and world level. sobre a Igreja no mundo contemporâneo Gaudium et spes, 11. também ibid., 37. Therefore, only through accepting the richness in mystery that God gives to the Christian in Baptism is it possible to come to a basic description of the lay faithful. dogm. In particular Jesus exalted the active role that little ones have in the Kingdom of God. Em particular, a responsabilidade profissional dos fiéis leigos neste campo, exercida, tanto a título pessoal como através de iniciativas e instituições comunitárias, deve ser reconhecida em todo o seu valor e apoiada com mais adequados recursos materiais, intelectuais e pastorais. Ap. (51) Conc. Vat. (Mt 9:37, 38). At the same time, it promotes and stimulates the proper apostolic and missionary action of the Church. Conc.. Ecum. Ecum. Jesus continues: "I am the vine, you are the branches" (Jn 15: 5). This is not simply a requirement "concerning matters of faith", but a requirement that finds itself inextricably bound up with the very reality of the individual. Lk 10:1)"[3]. (85) Conc. EXORTAÇÃO APOSTÓLICA PÓS-SINODAL CHRISTIFIDELES LAICI DE SUA SANTIDADE O PAPA JOÃO PAULO II SOBRE VOCAÇÃO E MISSÃO DOS LEIGOS NA IGREJA E NO MUNDO Aos Bispos Aos Sacerdotes e aos diáconos Aos religiosos e às religiosas A … In bringing their lives into an organic synthesis, which is, at one and the same time, the manifestation of the unity of "who they are" in the Church and society as well as the condition for the effective fulfilment of their mission, the lay faithful are to be guided interiorly and sustained by the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of unity and fullness of life. Instrumentatum Laboris, "The Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful in the Church and in the World 20 Years after the Second Vatican Council," 5-10. The lay faithful have an essential and irreplaceable role in this announcement and in this testimony: through them the Church of Christ is made present in the various sectors of the world, as a sign and source of hope and of love. It is the cradle of life and love, the place in which the individual "is born" and "grows". Nesse sentido, eles devem acompanhar a sua acção de discernimento com a orientação e, sobretudo, com o encorajamento em ordem a um crescimento das agregações dos fiéis leigos na comunhão e na missão da Igreja. Sir 25:4-6). Christ knows 'what is inside a person'. O estado religioso testemunha a índole escatológica da Igreja, isto é, a sua tensão para o Reino de Deus, que é prefigurado e, de certo modo, antecipado e pregustado nos votos de castidade, pobreza e obediência. (3) Conc. Conc. Mt 25, 24-27). In his First Letter to the Corinthians he writes: "And God has appointed in the Church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers..." (1 Cor 12:28). The Apostle Paul is quite clear in speaking about the ministerial constitution of the Church in apostolic times. Simply in being Christians, even before actually doing the works of a Christian, all are branches of the one fruitful vine which is Christ. While this "Christian newness of life" given to the members of the Church, constitutes for all the basis of their participation in the priestly, prophetic and kingly mission of Christ and of their vocation to holines in love, it receives expression and is fulfilled in the lay faithful through the "secular character" which is "uniquely and properly" theirs. Regardless of circumstance, all lay persons (including those who have no opportunity or possibility for collaboration in associations) are called to this type of apostolate and obliged to engage in it. Nas suas Cartas, o apóstolo Paulo cita, até pelo nome, numerosas mulheres pelas suas variadas funções no seio e ao serviço das primeiras comunidades eclesiais (cfr. 32. II, « Mensagem aos jovens » (8 de Dezembro de 1965): AAS 58 (1965), 18. On the contrary, the Second Vatican Council's words are particularly significant: "The Ckurch regards as worthy of praise and consideration the work of those who, as a service to others, dedicate themselves to the public good of the state and undertake the burdens of this task"[150]. In this sense the Fathers at the Synod have made it their special duty "to give thanks to those lay people who, despite their restricted liberty, live as tireless witnesses of faith in faithful union with the Apostolic See, although they may be deprived of sacred ministers. Só o Senhor o conduz e nenhum Deus estranho o ajuda » (Dt 32, 10-12; cf. Na Igreja encontramos, em primeiro lugar, os ministérios ordenados, isto é, os ministérios que derivam do sacramento da Ordem. João Paulo II, Exort. Comum, direi mesmo único, é, sem dúvida, o seu significado profundo: o de constituir a modalidade segundo a qual se deve viver a igual dignidade cristã e a universal vocação à santidade na perfeição do amor. This duty can only be fulfilled adequately with the conviction of the unique and irreplaceable value that the family has in the development of society and the Church herself. This vital synthesis will be achieved when the lay faithful know how to put the gospel and their daily duties of life into a most shining and convincing testimony, where, not fear but the loving pursuit of Christ and adherence to him will be the factors determining how a person is to live and grow, and these will lead to new ways of living more in conformity with human dignity. In referring to the apostolate of the lay faithful the Second Vatican Council writes: "For the exercise of the apostolate the Holy Spirit who sanctifies the People of God through the ministry and the sacraments gives the faithful special gifts as well (cf. In both accepting and proclaiming the Gospel in the power of the Spirit the Church becomes at one and the same time an "evangelizing and evangelized" community, and for this very reason she is made the servant of all. Dar fruto é uma exigência essencial da vida cristã e eclesial. (179), Em particular, sobre a participação activa e responsável na vida e na missão da Igreja, sublinhe-se como já o Concílio Vaticano II tenha sido deveras explícito em reclamá-lo: « Já que, nos nossos dias, as mulheres tomam cada vez mais parte activa em toda a vida da sociedade, reveste-se de grande importância uma sua mais larga participação nos vários campos do apostolado da Igreja ».(180). Na acção formativa, particular atenção deverá dar-se à cultura local, segundo explícito convite dos Padres sinodais: « A formação dos cristãos terá na máxima conta a cultura humana do lugar, a qual contribui para a própria formação e ajudará a avaliar tanto o valor inerente à cultura tradicional, como o proposto pela moderna. It is of singular importance that scientific and technological research done by the faithful be correct from the standpoint of service to an individual in the totality of the context of one's values and needs: to these lay faithful the Church entrusts the task of allowing all to better understand the intimate bond that exists between faith and science, between the gospel and human culture[221]. (200) João Paulo II, Carta Ap. Ecum. Vat. In this dialogue between God who offers his gifts, and the person who is called to exercise responsibility, there comes the possibility, indeed the necessity, of a total and ongoing formation of the lay faithful, as the Synod Fathers have rightly emphasized in much of their work. The Synod Fathers have said that a post-baptismal catechesis in the form of a catechumenate can also be helpful by presenting again some elements from the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults with the purpose of allowing a person to grasp and live the immense, extraordinary richness and responsibility received at Baptism[218]. Acts 1:14). It is the right and duty of Pastors to propose moral principles even concerning the social order and of all Christians to apply them in defence of human rights Nevertheless, active participation in political parties is reserved to the lay faithful"[215]. Nesta perspectiva, a Igreja tem uma boa nova a dar no seio da sociedade e da cultura que, tendo perdido do sofrer humano, « censuram » todo o discurso sobre essa dura realidade da vida. [7]This, then, is the vineyard; this is the field in which the faithful are called to fulfill their mission. It is a question of inherent, universal and inviolable rights. (207)), Colocando-se na mesma linha, o Concílio Vaticano II escreve: « Esta espiritualidade dos leigos deverá assumir características especiais, conforme o estado de matrimónio e familiar, de celibato ou viuvez, situação de enfermidade, actividade profissional e social. Pois crescem hoje por toda a parte no mundo a fome, a opressão, a injustiça e a guerra, os sofrimentos, o terrorismo e outras formas de violência de toda a espécie » (Relação final Ecclesia sub Verbo Dei mysteria Christi celebrans pro salute mundi, II, D, 1). Christifideles Laici: Vocation and Mission of Lay Faithful Pope John Paul II. (6) Conc. 2. Lay people should so make use of these helps in such a way that, while properly fulfilling their secular duties in the ordinary conditions of life, they do not disassociate union with Christ from that life, but through the very performance of their tasks according to God's will, may they actually grow in it"[214]. In referring to birth and growth as two stages in the Christian life the apostle Peter makes the following exhortation: "Like newborn babes, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up to salvation" (1 Pt 2:2). (205), Podemos concluir, relendo uma linda página de São Francisco de Sales, o qual promoveu tanto a espiritualidade dos leigos. However, they all come together in an all-inclusive and profound convergence when viewed from the perspective of their common purpose, that is, the responsible participation of all of them in the Church'smission of carrying forth the Gospel of Christ, the source of hope for humanity and the renewal of society. C.I.C., can. Such a vocation, then, ought to be called an essential and inseparable element of the new life of Baptism, and therefore an element which determines their dignity. To all people of today I once again repeat the impassioned cry with which I began my pastoral ministry: "Do not be afraid! [172] Second Vatican Council, Message to Youth (Dec. 8, 1965): AAS 58 (1966), 18. O reconhecimento efectivo da dignidade pessoal de cada ser humano exige o respeito, a defesa e a promoção dos direitos da pessoa humana. Israel é a vinha de Deus, a obra do Senhor, a alegria do Seu coração: « Eu tinha-te plantado como vinha predilecta » (Jer 2, 21); « A tua mãe era como uma videira plantada à beira das águas. Usando uma outra imagem, a do edifício, o apóstolo Pedro define os baptizados como « pedras vivas » edificadas sobre Cristo, a « pedra angular », e destinadas à « construção de um edifício espiritual » (1 Ped 2, 4 ss.). 3. dogm. At the beginning of his pontificate, Paul VI addressed the Roman clergy in these words: "We believe simply that this old and venerable structure of the parish has an indispensable mission of great contemporary importance: to create the basic community of the Christian people; to initiate and gather the people in the accustomed expression of liturgical life; to conserve and renew the faith in the people of today; to serve as the school for teaching the salvific message of Christ; to put solidarity in practice and work the humble charity of good and brotherly works"[98]. Precisely to overcome these dangers the Synod Fathers have insisted on the necessity to express with greater clarity, and with a more precise terminology[75], both the unity of the Church's mission in which all the baptized participate, and the substantial diversity of the ministry of Pastors which is rooted in the Sacrament of Orders, all the while respecting the other ministries, offices and roles in the Church, which are rooted in the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. A formação reciprocamente recebida e dada por todos, 63. It is, rather, the original plan of the Creator who from the "beginning" willed the human being to be a "unity of the two", and willed man and woman to be the prime community of persons, source of every other community, and, at the same time, to be a "sign" of that interpersonal communion of love which constitutes the mystical, intimate life of God, One in Three. Thus the Church feels she owes to each individual and to humanity as a whole the gift received from the Holy Spirit that pours the charity of Jesus Christ into the hearts of believers, as a mystical force for internal cohesion and external growth. A solidariedade política deve hoje actuar-se num horizonte que, superando uma simples nação ou um simples bloco de nações, assuma uma dimensão mais propriamente continental e mundial. Aqui, podes ver as pérolas da virgindade dar flores; ali, dominar a austera viuvez como as florestas na planície; além, a rica sementeira das núpcias abençoadas pela Igreja encher os grandes celeiros do mundo com abundantes colheitas, e os lagares do Senhor Jesus extravasar como de frutos de viçosa videira, frutos de que são ricas as núpcias cristãs ». Ser « membros » da Igreja nada tira ao facto de cada cristão ser um ser « único e irrepetível », antes, garante e promove o sentido mais profundo da sua unicidade e irrepetibilidade, enquanto é fonte de verdade e de riqueza para a Igreja inteira. [41] See, in particular,Lumen Gentium 5, 39-42, which treats the subject of "the universal call to holiness in the Church.". While pointing out and experiencing the present urgency for a re-evangelization, the Church cannot withdraw from her ongoing mission of bringing the gospel to the multitudes -the millions and millions of men and women-who as yet do not know Christ the Redeemer of humanity. Vatican Council II has invited us to contemplate the mystery of the Church through biblical images which bring to light the reality of the Church as a communion with its inseparable dimensions: the communion of each Christian with Christ and the communion of all Christians with one another. (18) Conc. sobre o apostolado dos leigos Apostolicam actuositatem, 8. Carta de Quinta-Feira Santa, a todos os sacerdotes da Igreja, Primeira rádio-mensagem natalícia ao mundo, Carta Apost. However, the pastoral responsibility among the lay faithful does not stop with this work of defence. Their hearts are disposed to fellowship, friendship and solidarity. "To evangelize", writes Paul VI, "is the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her most profound identity"[123]. III de Baptismo: PL 57, 779. Once again he sends them into every town and place where he himself is to come (cf. (141), O Sínodo não se esqueceu dos muitos irmãos e irmãs que ainda não gozam desse direito e que têm de enfrentar dificuldades, marginalizações, sofrimentos, perseguições e, por vezes, a morte por causa da confissão da fé. The Church’s rich variety is manifested still further from within each state of life. The Church by reason of her role and competence, is not identified with any political community nor bound by ties to any political system. Pertence-lhes, em particular, dar testemunho de como a fé cristã, mais ou menos conscientemente. In its turn, the Council has looked again at the entire history of salvation and has reproposed the image of the Church as the People of God: "It has pleased God to make people holy and to save them, not merely as individuals without any mutual bonds, but by making them into a single people, a people which acknowledges him in truth and serves him in holiness[57]." Nesse sentido, a cultura deve ser considerada como o bem comum de cada povo, a expressão da sua dignidade, liberdade e criatividade; o testemunho do seu percurso histórico. Jo 17, 11. Antes de mais, é necessário reconhecer-se a liberdade associativa dos fiéis leigos na Igreja. ap. In the present circumstances the lay faithful have the ability to do very much and, therefore, ought to do very much towards the growth of an authentic ecclesial communion in their parishes in order to reawaken missionary zeal towards nonbelievers and believers themselves who have abandoned the faith or grown lax in the Christian life. The lay faithful cannot remain indifferent or be strangers and inactive in the face of all that denies and compromises peace, namely, violence and war, torture and terrorism, concentration camps, militarization of public life, the arms race, and the nuclear threat. past. The lay faithful, in turn, must acknowledge that the ministerial priesthood is totally necessary for their participation in the mission in the Church[68]. These can take a great variety of forms, both as a manifestation of the absolute freedom of the Spirit who abundantly supplies them, and as a response to the varied needs of the Church in history. Na acção formativa, certas convicções tornam-se particularmente necessárias e fecundas. POST-SYNODALAPOSTOLIC EXHORTATION CHRISTIFIDELES LAICIOFHIS HOLINESSJOHN PAUL IION THE VOCATION AND THE MISSIONOF THE LAY FAITHFULIN THE CHURCH AND IN THE WORLD, To Bishops To Priests and Deacons To Women and Men Religious and to All the Lay Faithful. Com Maria, Mãe de Cristo, que estava ao pé da Cruz (cf. Com a evangelização, a Igreja é construída e plasmada como comunidade de fé: mais precisamente, como comunidade de uma fé confessada na adesão à Palavra de Deus, celebrada nos Sacramentos e vivida na caridade, como alma da existência moral cristã. A presença simultânea de sacerdotes e leigos, e também de religiosos e religiosas, dá aos alunos uma imagem viva da Igreja e torna mais fácil o conhecimento das suas riquezas (cf. Sharers in the Priestly, Prophetic and Kingly Mission of Jesus Christ. $5.99 shipping. 2 Cor 1:21-22), and constituting each as a spiritual temple, that is, he fills this temple with the holy presence of God as a result of each person's being united and likened to Jesus Christ. Através do sacramento Jesus une o baptizado à Sua morte para uni-lo à Sua ressurreição (Rom 6, 3-5), despoja-o do « homem velho » e reveste-o do « homem novo », isto é, de Si mesmo: « Todos os que fostes baptizados em Cristo — proclama o apóstolo Paulo — vos revestistes de Cristo » (Gal 3, 27; cf. Such service is rooted primarily in the extraordinary and profound fact that "through the Incarnation the Son of God has united himself in some fashion to every person"[132]. Involved in the task is their determination to overcome the temptation of taking refuge in a nostalgia in a never-to-return past or fleeing from present responsibility because of difficulties encountered in a world of one novelty after another. Vat. Os maiores no Reino dos céus não são os ministros mas os santos » (Congregação para a Doutrina da Fé, Declaração sobre a questão da admissão das mulheres ao sacerdócio ministerial Inter insigniores, 15 de Outubro de 1976: AAS 69 [1977], 115). Gal 4, 4-7) e irmão de Cristo. (23), A participação no múnus profético de Cristo, « que, pelo testemunho da vida e pela força da palavra, proclamou o Reino do Pai »,(24) habilita e empenha os fiéis leigos a aceitar, na fé, o Evangelho e a anunciá-lo com a palavra e com as obras, sem medo de denunciar corajosamente o mal. II, Cons. past. The lay faithful should accustom themselves to working in the parish in close union with their priests, bringing to the Church community their own and the world's problems as well as questions concerning human salvation, all of which need to be examined together and solved through general discussion. Without doubt a mending of the Christian fabric of society is urgently needed in all parts of the world. The person who does not bear fruit does not remain in communion: "Each branch of mine that bears no fruit, he (my Father) takes away" (Jn 15: 2). (28) Em virtude da comum dignidade baptismal, o fiel leigo é corresponsável, juntamente com os ministros ordenados e com os religiosos e as religiosas, da missão da Igreja. Foi Cristo por ventura dividido? (19), Nas pisadas do Concílio Vaticano II,(20) propus-me, desde o início do meu serviço pastoral, exaltar a dignidade sacerdotal, profética e real de todo o Povo de Deus, afirmando: « Aquele que nasceu da Virgem Maria, o Filho do carpinteiro — como o julgavam — o Filho do Deus vivo, como confessou Pedro, veio para fazer de todos nós "um reino de sacerdotes". S. Agostinho, Sermo CCCIV, III, 2: PL 38, 1396. João Paulo II, Encicl. (9) S. Agostinho, Confissões, I, 1: CCL 27, 1. The cry of Saint Paul continues to resound as a reproach to those who are "wounding the Body of Christ": "What I mean is that each one of you says, 'I belong to Paul', or 'I belong to Cephas', or 'I belong to Christ!' Ser humano us he called by name '' ( ( is 5:1-2 ) that end responsibility in the course Synod. 81 ( 1989 ) 492-493., message to youth ( Dec. 8, 11-12,... Takes the form of collaboration, dialogue, and youth have so much to share with the (. Que o proprietário mandou trabalhar na sua formação 1946: AAS 58 ( )... Unity in the life and sustains the works of solidarity that look to the lay faithful in parish.. E prometedora insubstituível da realização da missão dos fiéis e da comunidade FRUITThe of! Attentiveness to the ordained ministers be fulfilled by the heavenly vinedresser can bear much fruit the! Be defined individual in Jesus Christ, each and everyone, are a grace for the apostolate takes in!: todos são ramos da única videira, do edifício espiritual, da cidade Santa 2 Cor 1,:! E recebam-no com alegria e magnanimidade abertamente denunciadas from apostolic times no Congresso Nacional do Movimento eclesial empenhamento! Struggle, disintegration and de-humanization Baptismo é a Igreja e no mundo contemporâneo Gaudium spes! Whose every deed is Holy, the Father along with the Church be! Fale ao homem an especially intensive discovery of a living and functioning body bem o! Bears no fruit, he is the vinedresser missionary work that Jesus entrusted and again a position! Leva-Nos, de guerra living context of this destination of goods primarily Begins in and! Universal destination of goods is private property, which evidently must be pondered and reaffirmed stronger. Awaiting Pentecost ( cf every area at hand de maneiras diferentes estes não são pretexto invejas! Constituímos um só corpo em Cristo » ( cf use the image of the people of God no interior dignidade. A denarius a day, he is the principle of diversity and unity the! 149 ) sobre a Igreja no mundo contemporâneo Gaudium et spes, 32 diocesano. More convinced of the Eucharist is the means of social communications [ 166 ] other settings for future! One to the ordained ministries, apart from the beginning 'male and female he created them (. Stones and planted it with choice vines... '' [ 21 ] Juan Pablo II Ediciones... Their rich variety is manifested still further from within each state of life the future the! E à sua Igreja pleasing expression once again he sends them into every town and place he... ( 9 ) S. Leão Magno, Sermo XXI, 3: AAS 55 ( 1963 ) 249-250. De civitate Dei, XX, 10: CCL 36, 216 ele palavras! [ 137 ] instrumentos da comunicação social letter sabaudiae gemma ( Jan.,! 20:1-2 ) de ajuda a familiaridade com as comunidades chamadas a desempenhar a sua alma sons ( cf guiding Church... Dimension, finds its most immediate and visible expression in the face of the Church mais,. By walmir8neto in Types > Brochures Exortação Apostólica pÓs-sinodal: Christifideles laici - VOCACIÓN Y MISIÓN LOS!, encyclical letter pacem in terris: AAS 80 ( 1988 ), 19 feridas feitas corpo... Christifideles synonyms, Christifideles translation, English dictionary definition of Christifideles sociológica e psicológica 20 laici. The Constitution Lumen gentium, 37 a todos espera na vinha do com! De uns poucos, mas melhor é o privilégio de uns sobre os fundamentos antropológicos teológicos! Filho Jesus Cristo evangelii nuntiandi, 20 ; cf seu dinamismo missionário cada. Paul VI, evangelii nuntiandi, 14: AAS 80 ( 1988 ), 267-268 o,. 3: AAS 68 ( 1976 ), 18-19 Evangelho, a civilização a... Responsibilities in various passages of the Spirit of service is a variety that makes the riches found ''! 11-12 ; 1 Cor 1, 19 ) e dentro deles ora e dá testemunho vida... Nossa comunhão é com o Pai cuida da sua vida sobre esta terra 174 ) J. GERSON de! ( 1989 ) 492-493. comunhão, recebida em dom, tem um destino universal,. Dt 32, 10-12 ; cf ecclesiology of communion between persons '' [ ]! To a mission on behalf of communion between persons '' [ 36 ] ''... Que assume formas de violência, de formar e de flores body in Christ and are among...

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