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I did okay in my 400 IM (6:56) and it was better than I expected. Hi Emma, Most coaches will teach young swimmers to swim solid on the first 50m of each stroke and then build (swim faster) the second 50m. A 400 IMer, however, better have a true strategy. It can be done by age group, gender, season, date and more. Cheers She will swim the 400 IM for the first time this year. He can swim a 200IM in 3:25 and 100IM in 1:28. She is used to swim the 100 in all strokes,she is very good in both the 100 IM (1.16), the 200 IM (2.45) and in the 200 freestyle (2.26). Last 400 in each circuit should be all-out. Swimming Men's 400m Individual Medley Kosuke Hagino of Japan celebrates winning gold in the Final of the Men's 400m Individual Medley on Day 1 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on August 6, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For many young swimmers, the first relief comes at the end of the butterfly leg. The butterfly is a drill. Swimming Day 1 Preliminaries – WATCH LIVE 12:02 p.m.: Men’s 400 meter individual medley heats 23 100 Back Women. In many ways, the 400m individual medley is the ultimate test of swimming ability. In the 400 meter IM, for example, the swimmer swims 100 meters with each swimming stroke. 17 200 Free Men. I have a question. 19 200 Free Women. Gary. I’ve been to a doctor and he suggested ear plugs. Chase Kalisz, who completed his college eligibility in March, won the men’s 400-meter individual medley on Thursday after recording a time of 4:06.99— the fastest time in the world this year. 17 100 Fly Women. You need to be well versed in all four stroke disciplines. 23 100 … ... 400 IM Women. Gary. What is the best way to move up to 400IM distance and what time should he be aiming for? 18 100 Fly Men. Once they begin backstroke focus on technique and holding a good solid stroke rate. The event has been tracked since the mid 1950’s for both men and women at the long course level, while short course world records in the 400 IM have been recognized since 1991. Do have any other tips on how to get through this event? Step 2 is to race a 200m backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Interval should be around the slowest one +30 seconds. Kapas Comes Back To Race Heats Of 400 IM At HUN C’ships World champion Boglarka Kapas is fighting bouts of dizziness and weakness but still put up a … USA Swimming collects every time swum in a sanctioned USA Swimming meet so that you don’t have to. Back Round 4 x 50 (:20 Swim/kick mix. Looking to improve your 400 IM? That'll give you more rest as you go faster. I’ll pass them to my 11 year old girl. Turkey Trot 500 Free Swim Meet @ SwimAtlanta - Sugarloaf. My 200 IM time is 3:15, which I swam last weekend. Mary Anne Ives Invite. Swimming a couple of 400m freestyle races will also prepare him for a 400m IM. 400 IM Women. 400 Yd IM: 17-18 : 3/07/20: 4:16.47: 5: 61: 118: 392: NCAA College Swimming Comparison If you would like to see a comparison of Daniel Gordon's 400 Yard Individual Medley time with the fastest 400 Yard Individual Medley times for NCAA college swimmers from each Conference and team, please click on one of the NCAA divisions below. Many thanks, keep up with the awesome work The First Chance Invitational is a non-scored meet featuring competitors from Texas, SMU and Texas A&M. Jan 15, 2021 - Jan 17, 2021 . The next test in the event for the 11-time Olympic medalist comes Sunday, the first day of the trials. This is a 200 IM, done as 25 swim and 25 drills of fly, back, breast, and free. 21 200 Fly Women. How should I swim the 400 IM? 16 400 IM Men. Search for all of your times, best times, or event ranks. In his 100m butterfly race he needs to practice being able to make the distance without being totally exhausted at the end. My 10yr old boy wants to enter a 400IM at his County Championships in March 2014. She is tho a bit scaried about the 400 IM. Last 400 in each circuit should be all-out. 22 100 Breast Men. NCAA College Swimming Comparison If you would like to see a comparison of Anna Moehn's 400 Yard Individual Medley time with the fastest 400 Yard Individual Medley times for NCAA college swimmers from each Conference and team, please click on one of the NCAA divisions below. … What makes this race fascinating is that the strategy involved is based entirely on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the swimmer in question. This accomplishes two things: 1) Allows the neuromuscular system to "reset" for the new movement pattern. 19 400 Medley Relay Women. AUSTIN, Texas — Freshman Carson Foster set a U.S. national age-group record in the 400-yard individual medley to highlight Friday's opening day of The University of Texas Men's Swimming and Diving First Chance Invitational at the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center. SST Winter Classic. This Whiteboard Wednesday is a deep dive on the current World Record holders in the 400m Individual Medley races. Arizona’s David Schlicht, making his season debut after an Olympic redshirt last season, won the 400 IM on day two of the Arizona Invite in Tucson with an impressive swim of 3:40.93. 16 400 IM Men. Interval should be around the slowest one … 19 200 Free Women. Highlights of Heat 4 of the Men's 400m Individual Medley during the London 2012 Olympic Games. No breaks between the sets and reps outside of the prescribed intervals. The first step for your son to swim a 400m IM is to race the 100m events in each of the four strokes. In this video we overview how to swim the 400 IM so … Fast effort. Gary, Swimming for Parents ( Paperback / Softback ), Observations from a State Championship Meet, How to Improve Reaction Time on a Dive Start. 23 100 … The meet is being swum at the official 2021 Olympic Aquatic Center in its first taste of action 233 days ahead of the 400 IM heats at the Games. 21 100 Breast Women. 20 200 Free Men. 20 200 Free Men. Gary: Thanks Estelle for the feedback. Hagino indeed was in the water, topping the men’s 400m IM in a time of 4:13.32. From a swimmer’s point of view, what do you suggest I do? In the United States, during the year of 1953, some medley races included the butterfly stroke, and the Amateur Athletic Union made it mandatory from 1954. USA Swimming Olympic Team Trials results, teams, top swims, personal best, latest news and more. Age Group State (14 & Under) Feb 19, 2021 - Feb 21, 2021 Swim Meets. Access official results for the Swimming event 400m individual medley men at the Rio 2016 Summer Games Olympics, plus view video highlights of top performances. The 100’s don’t mean a lot. The 400m IM world record is monitored and ratified by FINA, the world governing body for competitive swimming. I’m not sure how to post questions so I am asking here for now. Many swimmers really use their arms in backstroke to pull hard and then really use their legs and accelerate each kick when it comes to breaststroke. She swum recently for the first time the 200 breast. The 400 IM is quite a demanding event psychologically. The 200 IM is one of the most heated up events in the world of competitive swimming. The first step for your son to swim a 400m IM is to race the 100m events in each of the four strokes. Good luck and please let me know how he goes. Swim (IM) Descend. In the short course (25 metres) swimming events the world's governing body recognizes world records since March 3, 1991. Winnie, Hi Winnie and thanks for the feedback. Currently, there is some earwax inside my ear that’s absorbing the water, the doctor thinks. The first 25 is backstroke swim; the second 25 is backstroke kick (no kickboard). 18 1M Diving Men. LA Annual Qualifying Opportunity. Here is a set that is designed to help you boost every facet of this challenging event. LSC Functions. Swimming fast in practice on specific sets is crucial to a fast 200 IM. She swims the 400 freestyle and the 800 too … true: she doesn’t especially like those … but her coaches thinks the 400 IM will be a good asset for her, being such a technical swimmer (and not such a big one!!). Affiliate Disclosure, The Cranberry Face Kick and Swim 100s Set, This Training Set Will Crank Up Your Underwater Dolphin Kick, 10 Motivational Swimming Quotes to Get You Fired Up, 7 Tips for Improving Your Freestyle Stroke, 5 Best Strength Training Exercises for Swimmers. You will be fine doing your 400m IM. Four strokes are seen in the individual medley, and each stroke occupies an equal proportion of the event. Both my 10yr old boy and 5yr old girl practice fly using your stages technique. So for your son, the time to beat would be 7:50 (2 x 3:25 plus one minute). I am very prone to ear infections/swimmer’s ear. In freestyle, build the first 50m and then give it everything you have in the last 50 metres. I’m slightly frightened by how long it is, and this is only my first year in (winter) swimming, so I am not very built yet. These are 100 IMs = 25 of fly, back, breast, and free. 400 IM Women. I have some latex, squishy Speedo ear plugs now, and they are a little big, nor do they seem to stick on. It’s very painful and annoying; it’s been on and off a couple weeks ago. 13 400 IM Men. 500 Free Turkey Trot @ SwimAtlanta Sugarloaf SwimAtlanta - Sugarloaf - 4850 Sugarloaf Pkwy #702 Lawrenceville, GA 30044 Swimmers, Timers, Counters, Coaches and Officials are expected to wear a mask while in the building. This is a great way to learn how to pace a 400m IM. Filters Events. to swim the 2nd 50 faster than the 1st 50 in Back, Breast and Free. An individual medley or IM is a swimming event in which a swimmer utilizes a series of different swimming strokes in a set order. All the best I look at the 200 as a starting point for 400 IM swimmers. 16 200 Free Women. Kalisz, who took silver in the 2016 Olympics in the 400 IM, will kick up his training even more. I’ve written a few times that the best way to pace a 400 IM is to swim negative splits on the last three legs — i.e. The chance of disqualification is high so concentration is vital to swim this event. 14 100 Fly Women. 22 200 Fly Men. Have a good diving technique. Hi Emma, He may have raced these events already. RIO 2016, Aquatics, Swimming, 400m individual medley, Men, Japan, HAGINO, Kōsuke 21 100 Breast Women. The 400 IM. I’m really not too sure with ears as I have not coached many swimmers who have had ear problems. Even fter getting water out and drying my ear with a Q-tip and blow-drying the inside, I’ve got another one in my left ear and I am currently out of water. As such, we’re seeing non-tapered swimming from the aquatic athletes, producing results as follows for day 1. Both teams will swim in heat two, with the Aussies in lane four and the Americans in lane five. 3:15 is a good time for a 200 IM which gives me confidence that you will swim well in the 400m IM. 2 x 100 (:30 Swim. Cheers Gary... estelle: This is a great book. Everyone swims the 400 IM with a slightly different race plan. 15 100 Fly Men. 17 100 Fly Women. Over time if a swimmer can double their 200m IM time and add 25 to 30 seconds they are doing well. Good luck with them and I hope the infections go away for you. Hi there, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display One girl used blue tak which worked well for her, however I am not sure how safe blue tak is and would prefer you work through the different solutions with your doctor. There are a number of ways to search for your time. 400 IM Women. The key is to swim a solid butterfly, especially in the second 50m. The 400 IM is considered one of the most brutal events in the entire swimming program! Good 50s, 25s as well as 100s and 200s are important as are race pace short distances. Step 2 is to race a 200m backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. 20 400 Medley Relay Men. There is no “right” way to swim a 400 IM, but there is a right way for YOU to swim a 400 IM. The 400m IM combines all four stroke disciplines. My times are as following: 100 Back- 1:03 100 Fly- 1:09 100 Free- 57 100 Breast- 1:21 400 Free LCM- 4:59 500 Free- 5:22 100 IM: 1:05 200 IM: 2:21. Prior to 1952, the butterfly was not defined as a separate stroke from the breaststroke, and so medley races featured only three styles: backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Login Register. My suggestion would be for your daughter to focus on each 50m and not think too much about what is coming up. Good luck and please let me know how you go. I had the good fortune to work with Bruce Furness back many years ago and Bruce could have been the world’s greatest 400 IM’er because his hundreds in every … 18 100 Fly Men. A couple used ear plugs and they found them to work quite well once they got the correct size for them. Fantastic site, thanks for all your tips. 400 IM, 400IM, 400m IM, 400m Individual Medley, 400m swimming, first 400m race, Hey, thanks a lot for the question and the tips!! Jan 9, 2021 . My coach has signed me up for a 400 IM at a meet in 2 weeks. 22 100 Breast Men. In the backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, I always encourage young swimmers to swim the first 50m pretty solid and then swim a bit faster in the second 50m of each stroke. 80% Effort: Descend. This is especially the case in the backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle legs. I have always believed it is easy to predict success by quality of practices. He may have raced these events already. Thank you! In his 100m butterfly race he needs to practice being able to make the distance without being totally exhausted at the end. The time that I have usually set a swimmer aged around 10 years who is swimming their first 400m IM is to double their 200m IM time and add one minute. Easy to moderate effort. 28 400 IM Men. The first world record in the 400 metres individual medley in long course (50 metres) swimming was recognized by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) in 1957, followed by the women a year later. The usual distance of both the IM and the medley relay was thus 300 metres or yards rather than 400. Jan 29, 2021 - Jan 31, 2021 . Do you have any good psychological tips for that? In general, to race a 400m IM he will need to be training at least 6 hours a week (eg 4 x 1 ½ hrs) so that he has the aerobic capacity to get through the race. It's an abbreviation for the individual medley event in swimming, in which swimmers use all four competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, in that order. Just like the 200 IM I believe in negative split racing parts of the 400 IM. Times Search.

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